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  1. California Mopar Rock Rails $80

    Are the regular ones or the performance ones?

    Why don’t you add spacers?
  3. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    🤔ima actually try this probably 3d print something. Have you tried this?
  4. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    Daum that’s the worst. We’ll best luck and keep us posted!
  5. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    Any update on this? Really looking forward to hearing any results. My 3.0 is becoming a headache with overheating so maybe this will help
  6. California Los Angeles WTB - Mopar 82215351 Grille & Winch Guard

    Check out this item on OfferUp. try Asking him if he will split and just sell you the grill guard
  7. California WTB quick disconnects

  8. Colorado TrailRax PakRax - JLU

    Willing to split?
  9. California WTB quick disconnects

    Looking for some quick disconnects for a jeep jl 2.5” lift preferably one that’s for 1”-4” lift. Hit me up we can figure out the shipping arrangements after
  10. Is overheating an issue?

    🤞🏼 Let’s hope soon, got this thread on watch 👀! This is becoming a bigger headache. Especially since My jl is a rental car. Getting annoyed of complaints and bad reviews. Hoping that by doing an oil change will be my solution (doubt it).
  11. Outside of North America Replacement color coded stock bumpers

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just paint yours? There is of course a process not just painting it. But the shipping cost would be pricey I would assume
  12. California OEM LED Rubicon fog lights

    Where you located at?
  13. California OEM LED Rubicon fog lights

    What’s the lowest?
  14. California OEM LED Rubicon fog lights

    I’m in the area also
  15. California OEM LED Rubicon fog lights

    Still available?
  16. California SoCal-Free JLU Mopar Running Boards

    I’ll take them. Just give me some time to figure out how to get them