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  1. California Racing Optics Windshield Film

    $180 - Located in Mountain View These are $199, there's a forum coupon for 10%, so I paid $180 plus tax. I'm willing to eat the tax and let it for for $180 Brand spanking new, still in sealed shipping box (you're welcome to open and verify everything before accepting)...
  2. Idaho Big Thumbs Up to Kent Shurtleff and Peterson Jeep in Nampa, ID

    Background: We decided to upgrade to a JL Rubicon, living in California any Rubicons in stock were marked up with the nearest dealer adding $10,000 to the sticker price on top of it not being "exactly what I wanted". A quick Internet search and I found Kent Shurtleff and Peterson Jeep. TBH, I...
  3. Hothead headliner installation warning

    Yup. They are certainly allowed to sell something for whatever price they want. And you are certainly allowed to post your experiences. As a week-old Jeep owner with a long shopping list, I am also allowed to scratch them off of it.
  4. How many miles on your custom order at delivery?

    Better than breaking it in at 7,000rpm........and no brakes..... and no abs.......and flat tires.......and no airbags......or seatbelts :P
  5. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Named mine Axel Foley
  6. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    JLUR, 2.0T AT, white, SG/ASG, tow, black HT, prox key
  7. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    39 days 7/22 order 7/23 VON 7/28 VIN 8/16 ~ 8/17 Loaded on train to UT distribution ctr 8/17 Build sheet found 8/17 Build complete and on train to distribution hub (jc, dealer) 8/18Window sticker 8/31 Arrived at dealership still pending inspection
  8. Are the new 2020 and up 2.0 turbos E-Torque equipped?

    I really, really wish they offered the non-etorque 3.6 in auto. I was disappointed to see they dropped that as an option. The 3.6 doesn't do much worse on efficiency and is even lighter, and more importantly, proven.
  9. Are the new 2020 and up 2.0 turbos E-Torque equipped?

    I think they dropped the 2.0T etorque last year.
  10. BonusDrive no longer?

    @JeepCares Don't suppose there's anything reasonable that can be done?
  11. Best combo for reliability?

    I'll concede on this one..... Toyota is the only brand I can think of that had to replace frames on a large scale. (this actually did happen)
  12. Best combo for reliability?

    I'm with this guy. There are so many 300,000 mile Toyota trucks (including Toyota's definition of "modern" ones) with original everything, that 300k is hardly even a milestone anymore.
  13. 2.0 Gas Mileage Boost: Air Kit and Exhaust!

    Careful with "performance" intakes and driving on dirt roads. There's a test or two showing solid particles making their way into the engine.
  14. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    Folks- I came across the below. Anyone know for sure if new Jeep's would get this 2 year deal? MOPAR WINDSHIELD MADE WITH CORNING GORILLA GLASS WARRANTY Mopar Windshield Made with Corning Gorilla Glass has a...
  15. First windshield in the books....

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned windshield protection film.
  16. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I wonder if we're the same train. I also ordered from Kent about a week before you and mine also shipped 8/16~8/17
  17. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    I wouldn't freak out too much about the missing build sheets. My order was in transit as of 8/16. My window sticker is still available, but build sheet is gone too.
  18. BonusDrive no longer?

    I just called and is based on actual purchase/delivery date. No dice on "ordering before Aug 1st"
  19. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    Maybe order date, maybe non-etorque 3.6, maybe both.
  20. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    Among other remotely modern trucks, a Wrangler Sport S is ridiculously capable off road.