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  1. Jump Ship or What?

    I’ve had luck with instant offer. Then go to the dealer and have them look at the car and see if they’ll up the value. That said I’d try several dealers. You can usually text pictures and get offers. One of the others is much more likely to beat msrp too.
  2. To "Half Doors or not to Half Doors, THAT is the question?"

    Ordered a 2021 to replace my 2018, primarily so I could get the half doors. Not a single regret. I loved them on my JK and I love them on my JL.
  3. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    I wanted to close this thread out just in case someone else ends up here searching for info: It took about 4 weeks but the dealer replaced the clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing. The throw out bearing was thought to be the primary culprit as many here speculated. After repair, it...
  4. Carplay/Bluetooth issues (Jeep side)

    Yea I tried a reset, tried pulling fuses, and tried disconnecting the battery; all to no avail. My understanding from other threads on here is that there is a known Uconnect software issue. So we’re all at the mercy of Stellantis
  5. Carplay/Bluetooth issues (Jeep side)

    My issue has only been when using USB 2 in the center console. Using the dash usbs work fine. The center console works fine when using my android phone, but not my iPhone.
  6. New 2021 JLR clutch vibration/buzz feel in the pedal

    I concur. IMO, there is a design issue that they’re just putting bandaids on. I had 4 manual JKs and never had a clutch issue. 2 of my 3 JLs have had issues.
  7. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I’ve had good luck with griots garage leather cleaner for light stuff, Meguires cleaning wipes for slightly tougher marks, I use hair spray to get pen stains off, and I go to the steam cleaner if all else fails. Then griots conditioner after all is cleaned up. Always do a test in an...
  8. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    IMO it’s between a throw out bearing or an issue with the dual mass flywheel (out of balance or a bad spring?)
  9. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    I appreciate the input. I have a service visit scheduled for Friday. I’m just a little concerned that I’ll get told it’s normal by the service department. If they say that, I’ll use this info to push back with some confidence that it truly is abnormal.
  10. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    I should note that I’m going to use this feedback with the dealer if they tell me it’s normal and everyone here says they don’t have this “issue”.
  11. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    Can some of you with manual transmissions let me know if you get a sound like this when you press your clutch pedal? I have 2021 with ~3000 miles. I previously had a 2018 manual and don’t remember this sound at all. Thanks!
  12. New 2021 JLR clutch vibration/buzz feel in the pedal

    Here is a video clip of the sound. I’d love to know if anyone else has this.
  13. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    Ahhh, understood, and interesting question. I’d probably just give the service department a heads up, as they may need to use a flash for the other IPC. Let’s be honest, Jeep is fixing their own design issue with the clutch, and a new instrument cluster shouldn’t exacerbate that issue. They...
  14. Alabama Bestop Twill Fabric Doors and Mirrors

    They were sold a while back.
  15. 2021 JL Throttle Surge (manual trans)

    Thank you for checking. It looks like I get a field trip to a Jeep service department… yay 😔
  16. New 2021 JLR clutch vibration/buzz feel in the pedal

    Much appreciated. The noise is noticeable in the cabin, and not really outside.
  17. New 2021 JLR clutch vibration/buzz feel in the pedal

    My issue occurs when engine RPMs are ~1500+. It’s primarily noticeable at low speeds, especially shortly after startup when the engine is at higher RPMs. When I press the clutch, I hear a slight vibration noise, and feel a vibration in the pedal. It’s almost as if the flywheel is sort of...