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  1. JLU EcoDiesel Sport vs Rubicon suspension

    Hello! I have a 2020 JLU EcoDiesel Sport. I am going to purchase some Rubicon take off wheels with KO2s for a good deal. The seller is also selling his take off suspension. Is there a difference in ride height for the EcoDiesel Sport vs Rubicon? Would it be worth it to swap out the suspension...
  2. Is overheating an issue?

    Would love to hear from anyone who installed these.
  3. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    Awesome, looks slick. Did you get any check engine lights after installing it?
  4. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    Anyone ever install one in the Wrangler ED?
  5. Here we go again

    Might be similar Seems there is an issue with the timing chain cover on the 3rd gen EDs, was also an issue on the 2nd gen EDs.