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  1. Quake LED Taillight (QTE1026) for JL Wrangler...Start Up Animation... Sequential Turn Signal...Plug'n'Play...No Dash Errors!

    And if your on the fence on these lights. They look to be top quality, wiring ran for adequate connections. The leds are bright and are diffused better than factory. Real pleased with how they look at night. after I posted this question I called the number on the website and got connected with...
  2. Quake LED Taillight (QTE1026) for JL Wrangler...Start Up Animation... Sequential Turn Signal...Plug'n'Play...No Dash Errors!

    I have just gotten my blackout led taillights in. My jeep has the factory leds so do I need the power resistor or do I cut it out.
  3. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    Can we get any pictures of your set up
  4. Scangauge Questions

    Sorry maybe a dumb question. You only see four settings at a time but can have multiple pages to go through, am I understanding that right
  5. Parking Sensors - FCA Software issue

    Im having this problem also, hope they get it solved soon.
  6. Wheel offset help

    From what I have seen yes.
  7. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Yeah springs were from a diesel. And mine is a diesel
  8. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    And done. Got everything done today. Rubi swap, .5 spacer, mopar LCAs.
  9. Wheel offset help

    Just gonna add this for future reference. I went with the AEV borah that has a +25 after the fuel -12 stick out too far. First pic is the -12, second is the +25
  10. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Well for anyone else with a diesel sport s hardtop. The rear springs are the same as a Diesel rubicon. I didn't figure this out till I had the rear tore apart. Still put the .5 TeraFlex spacer on. measurements wound up at stock Rubi swap FRONT 35 3/4 REAR 37...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks good, could i get a pic of the tire stick out. I have some on order just wanna see what tim getting. Thanks
  12. Adding ambient lighting to a sport

    So I have a 2020 sport, since they have the rotary switch and lights in the footwell for door open. How or can you add the ambient light. Whats missing or what do I have to add?? Thanks
  13. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    Man its so quiet, Its not a bad thing just would like to hear it more. Not that I wanna go rolling coal. Just a little louder with more tone I guess.
  14. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    I have had my Diesel for a week now, totally pleased so far. Just wish we had some exhaust options.
  15. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Just got my rubi swap dropped off. My front rubi springs are 3668AD stock is 3665AD. New rears are 3601AA can’t see the stock sticker in the rear.
  16. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    I have ordered a rubi swap and the LCAs. Is the stock track bars ok, no need for swapping them. I have a 2020 diesel sport s and found a swap from a diesel rubi.
  17. Wheel offset help

    Thanks man, I like your set up. May Just go with that.
  18. Wheel offset help

    New to JLs long time jeeper, Trying to figure out what I need. I have a 2020 Sport S diesel, putting a rubi swap with LCA plan to just run 33s. Looking at the 17 x 9 KMC545 Trek. Question is what offset, 18mm with 5.71bs or -12 with 4.53bs. I would like it to sit flush or out a little not...