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  1. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    Wow, so I didn't know that "rev hang" could be addressed with tuning of any kind? Did you ever get something done for it? And I didnt realize it would cause more heat to be applied to the clutch.
  2. Service electronic stability control

    Which 30 amp fuse? There are 8 of them in the PDC.
  3. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    Contacted Retrofit Offroad about sliding window for hardtop Wranglers. For anyone interested, this is the response I was given politefully: "Yes, we are planning on having them for the 2 door and 4 door JL Hardtops. Unfortunately with the Coronavirus the window manufacturer is only operating...
  4. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    Do you think this could be fitted to a JL hardtop?
  5. XK Glow - SAR 360 Light Bars

    These light bars are the real deal. For anyone interested:
  6. JL obd scanner

    So, SGW can be affected by using a device like FlashCal when using to things like: "TPMS on/off" or "Lock Rubicon lockers in 4-HI"? (Here is a forum post portraying some problems potentially related to using a device for more than "generic scanner functions")...
  7. Bogged down in the sand!

    Shifting into neutral within the transmission/gear box or shifting into neutral through the transfer case?
  8. "Ticking" on start up

    And did that solve the ticking?
  9. Change cup underneath emergency brake handle. Bad design?

    Well, the key fob fits perfectly in that slot in the middle of the cup holders (for those of you that dont have much attatched to the fob)....that IS what this discussion is about, right?
  10. Traction control and hill descent observations

    If you would have had that middle peice between fender/bumper still on, wouldn't damage have been incurred?
  11. Flashcal issues

    Dang, im really sorry you all are dealing with. I got to this thread off an interest in what Flashcal is and to see if it was something to invest in...
  12. Bogged down in the sand!

    So I was reading those words in the manual that you typed in italics. I don't feel that I 100% understand what that means. To me it sounds like you can go from 4H to 4L without having to "stop" and "wait" in neutral - more like slide into 4L. But I dont know how the release of the accelorator...
  13. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    I'm still open for suggestions in all honestly!
  14. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    Well I think I've decided already after 30 minutes. Thanks for your input. I would just delete this thread if I could. Haha
  15. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    I have obtained 300 dollars. I am going to spend it on something Jeep related. I would like to know what any of you would spend that on.
  16. Is the JL e-brake any better than the JK e-brake?

    In my JLSport I have noticed some weird noises when pulling the parking break up that started after a few months. I would describe it as "a light peice of thin metal falling on a shop floor". Haven't parked it on a grade of any degree. In regard to @Biscuit above message...well thats some info...