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  1. No dealer visit necessary! Thank you forum.

    Just a thank you to all of the forum members who share their issues and findings. You all rock! Plugged my phone into the USB this morning on the way to the shooting range. The phone was acting a bit strange, almost pulsating. I unplugged it and continued on my way. Plugged it back in when...
  2. Popping your DIY cherry

    I installed my Ace rock sliders in hurricane Florence and do my own oil changes. :-)
  3. Best/favorite mod or upgrade for $150 or less?

    My favorite addition costs $12, but I already had the Alien Sun Shade. My sunglasses were forever sliding across the leather seat and onto the floorboard. I found these AR magazine pouches and put one on each side of the interior light, connected to the sun shade bungie. They were $6 a piece...
  4. 2019 Rubicon Unlimited: LED Lights Question

    I have a ‘18 JLRU and mine mimics those you see on the road. I went out to see if there was anything in the App menu and came up with nothing. Do you ever see the white fender lights on? If not, might be a lose fuse. It is a common issue from the factory. Good luck!
  5. Ohh shit handles

    I bought the Alien grab handles. Love them!
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally came up with a solution for my sunglasses. They are forever sliding off the seat and on to the floor. Found AR magazine pouches (Molle) at Academy Sports for $4 and attached them to the Alien Sunshade. Problem solved!
  7. FCA being sued for Death Wobble

    Class action lawsuits do nothing but make a bunch of lawyers even richer. Personally, never experienced this, but hope FCA fixes it for those impacted.
  8. First Aid Kit Contents

    A lot of great first aid suggestions. Thank you all! Curious why no one has disposable ice packs listed? They are pretty inexpensive and work well in my experience with bumps and bruises.
  9. Towing a utility trailer

    I agree 100% with PG and the decking option. I have this exact trailer and it bounced a lot due to being light weight. The 1/2” plywood decking really helped. I also added the Reese trailer jack. Makes it really easy to move around.
  10. Heated seats and heated steering wheel question

    Friggen love the heated seats. Sold a 08’ F150 super crew for the Rubi. Never had them before and am somewhat disappointed when the temps are above 40. Talk about being spoiled! LOL
  11. Heated seats and heated steering wheel question

    I can only speak for the 8.4” radio, but I just went outside to verify. If you go to Apps, Settings and then Auto On Comfort, you can turn on the heated steering wheel and seats with remote starts or all starts. I believe one of the previous posters verified it will come on at 40 degrees or...
  12. MOAB...I just don't understand

    Our first snow storm in NC cleaned mine. The mud in our state is like velcro! LOL
  13. Locking Console Option

    My condolences!
  14. Locking Console Option

    i stumbled upon this last week and placed the order from Amazon. It was right around $100. It came today and I installed it this evening. Overall, I am pretty happy with the product. The primary use is to store a pistol while at work or other non CC facilities. My full size .40 Beretta PX4...
  15. Folding up Soft-top and storage

    Um, yes on the damage part. No on the senile part just yet. LOL
  16. Folding up Soft-top and storage

    I just swapped my soft top for the hard top last Friday before the snow hit here in N.C. Taking the framework apart was a piece of cake. Maybe took 10 minutes. I was having a friend swing by to help me lift the soft top off and put the hard top on. I became a little impatient and did the...
  17. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    All of my son’s friends at NCSU want to “borrow” it for the weekend. LOL
  18. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    Been driving F-150 Super Crews since 2000. They were getting bigger and taller each model year. The 2018 wouldn’t fit in my garage, so I said enough. Saw a Wrangler in the parking lot and said that is my next vehicle. Shopped for a JLU Rubicon from March until September with no success...
  19. Test Drive, hard top question

    I have experienced something very similar with my soft top. Driver window down on the highway and if one or both bottom tabs on the back window pop out, there is a buffeting until you crack another window. If the tabs stay secure, no issues. The hard top is going on Friday morning, so fingers...
  20. Got my 2019 Rubicon today

    Congratulations! Had mine for 3 months and smile every time I walk outside.