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  1. California OEM Rock Rails off 392

    Can I grab them? I’m east bay as well!
  2. Seeking JLUR Rock Rails

    New or used? Looks like you’re located in Napa?
  3. California New Rubicon Rock Rails $100 (Norcal)

    Are these still available? Where in NorCal are you? Thanks!
  4. Seeking JLUR Rock Rails

    Hi everyone, I’m in the Bay Area and looking to put some Rubicon rock rails on my sport s. Anyone have takeoffs I can buy off of you? Thanks!
  5. Seeking Black Rubicon Hood

    Hi, I currently have a Sport S and wanted to put a rubicon hood on it as I love the look of the vents (would take the stickers off of course lol!!!) Any chance anyone did I hood swap and has one I could buy or is seeking a non rubicon hood and wants to do a trade? Definitely a long shot and...
  6. Utah 2020 OEM RUBICON WHEELS TIRES $800 ~5k miles~

    Selling my rubicon tires with 5k miles on them. They have only ever seen pavement. Asking $800. Thanks!
  7. $500 to install bumper???

    UPDATE: Got the bumper installed and also did Rigid fog lights with amber colored covers. I live in Salt Lake City and am always driving up to ski in the snow so they should work out perfect. Also decided to switch from my 33 stock rubicon wheels to 35s with an Icon wheel. Thank you everyone for...
  8. $500 to install bumper???

    couldn't agree more. Went to home depot a little bit ago and grabbed everything I needed. Will post a pic on here of the finished product in the next couple days.
  9. $500 to install bumper???

    nope just a college student with no tools here lol
  10. $500 to install bumper???

    great setup, are you running 35s or 37s?
  11. $500 to install bumper???

    Awesome will do, thanks for the advice. Will put a picture of the finished product in here when it is done.
  12. $500 to install bumper???

    I am off at college so don't have anything with me. Just grabbed everything I need at home depot and will tackle it this week
  13. $500 to install bumper???

    Completely Agree... just grabbed tools needed at home depot and going to tackle this by the end of the week!
  14. $500 to install bumper???

    hahaha that is what I figured! Thank you for the reply though, wish I could take you up on that.
  15. $500 to install bumper???

    Hi, I just purchased a fab four bumper for my JL. I’m missing a couple of the tools to put it on and reached out to a shop for a quote. They said it was going to take them 4 hours and wanted over $500 to install it. Does this sound right or way too high? It is a bolt on bumper and I thought they...
  16. Utah JL RUBICON TIRES with approx. 5k Miles

    LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY/NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Hi, Selling my OEM 33" Rubicon tires and wheels. They have approximately 5k miles on them as well as TPMS. Looking to switch to 35" set up but ideally would like to have something lined up to sell the ones I have first. Wheels are in perfect...
  17. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    I put the factory intake back in until my new correct one comes. I have driven about 200 miles with it and it is still running a code. Brought it to Jeep and they said it was a purge line and boost issue and might still be resetting. They also said my warranty on any issue related to the intake...
  18. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    Amazon accepted my return on it. If there are any issues I will let you know and sell it to you. I talked to S&B and even though some cold air intakes say backorder they said they should ship out in a couple days.
  19. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    thank you for the help
  20. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    you're right. Just checked and its for the 3.6L. That is no good. Guessing its probably best to put the factory one back in...