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  1. Dynatrac Endurosport 2” Lift

    Love your rig as well! Thanks for posting this pic, I too plan on going with the 37” KO2s since they run a bit smaller. Roof rack coming in the near future. I’ll keep this post updated as to whether or not I get some settling after a thousand miles or so. ✌️
  2. Dynatrac Endurosport 2” Lift

    Still sitting on the stock 33” wheel and tire setup. I wanted to feel the difference one variable at a time. Method 311 Vex Black/Titanium wheels on 37”s coming soon.
  3. Dynatrac Endurosport 2” Lift

    Thanks fam!🤘
  4. Dynatrac Endurosport 2” Lift

    Hey Everyone, wanted to take a moment to add to the positive sentiment that helped me during the lift kit selection process. I have a ‘20 Rubicon Recon with the e-torque 2.0 turbo. I’ll start by saying my rig is my daily driver (80/20) in the LA area, so ride quality and a semblance of road...
  5. Build Journey: Black ‘20 Rubicon Recon

    What’s up Fam! Hope everyone out there is well. Took a build break over the past few months. Excited to report I just installed the Dynatrac Endurosport 2” lift kit. Immediate impression, the ride quality is much improved with less brake dive and body roll through turns. It also takes lumps and...
  6. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    I’ll give it a shot.
  7. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    2020 JL Recon and I’m running between 14.7 - 15.5. I don’t see how people are getting in the 20’s either. Even with the most modest driving, this thing wouldn’t get past 16 MPG. It has the etorque motor, so I chalked it up to that encouraging a heavier foot. I suppose some motors just work...
  8. 17s or upgrade to 18s. 99% street driven

    Stop wasting time with pointless remarks. A true Jeep Wrangler is whatever the hell someone wants it to be. That’s the beauty of the Jeep Wrangler. If someone prefers the look of 18”s, why knock it? Preference is preference. Not everyone is trying to complete Moab.
  9. Lift and tires

    Great! Think I found my wheels.
  10. Lift and tires

    Thank you. I didn’t see on their site, do you know if these wheels are hub centric?
  11. Lift and tires

    Beautiful ride. What wheels are those? Do they come in “18’s?
  12. 2.0 Bolt-on Engine Mods Lacking?

    Thanks Steve. I have read a few different threads with CELs coming on after intake installation, shouldn’t be too hard to find if you search ‘Mishimoto’. One or two may have been early on in product release. To your point, it sounds like those are anomalies, which is why I’m still considering...
  13. New 2.5" Teraflex ST2 installed, steering jumps left to right?

    Great to hear. Thanks for the update!
  14. Teraflex 2.5 Lift Lit w/ Falcon 3.3s

    Thanks Brett. Appreciate your POV. I’ve seen your other posts on this topic, and the story on how you pulled the 3.3s off your wife’s rig. Must have been annoying. You can understand why I have to take at least some implicit bias into account with your feedback though, due to the fact that you...
  15. Teraflex 2.5 Lift Lit w/ Falcon 3.3s

    Interesting. A bit firmer than stock would be a great place to land... that seems to contradict most people’s account, who report a significantly firmer ride, even on the softest setting. Is it common for these shocks to “settle in” after a good day of wheeling, or is it possible you just got a...
  16. Teraflex 2.5 Lift Lit w/ Falcon 3.3s

    Thanks for that feedback. It also seems tire PSI really makes a difference with this setup. Did you experiment with different levels and settle on a pressure that felt right?
  17. Teraflex 2.5 Lift Lit w/ Falcon 3.3s

    I know what you mean. After further research, it’s clear that the 3.3s are designed for a specific feel preference, which is going to determine the opinions we read here. It’s the bimmer vs. benz analogy. I happen to enjoy both, so I’m still mulling it over... That said, I can’t ignore that...
  18. New 2.5" Teraflex ST2 installed, steering jumps left to right?

    Terry, thanks for keeping the community updated on your saga. How’s she riding, did the bump steer come back or still riding smooth?
  19. Teraflex 2.5 Lift Lit w/ Falcon 3.3s

    Hi Team, Like many of you, I have been researching the best lift kit for my JL’s particular use: daily driver, father of one with one on the way, lives by the beach and hits the trails/camping once a month. For context, I have a 2020 JLUR Recon, mostly stock outside of tinted windows, some...
  20. Build Journey: Black ‘20 Rubicon Recon

    Tinted the glass. 10% up front, 20% in the back for the win. Shipping times in general right now are delayed, so it’s taking a bit longer to get the goodies. En route: Borla Climber Exhaust JTops Freedom Sun Shade Quadratec Flashlight Holder Rugged Ridge Multi-dash Mount Maximus-3 Steath Front...