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  1. Clank going from Park to drive?

    2019 JL Rubicon Unlimited...anybody get a clank sound when in park and shift into drive or reverse? Not every time and its not a clunk. Tried the ebrake before shutting off etc...sometimes its louder than other times....looking for thoughts. Thx
  2. Quadratec Stealth winch recall's coming FedEx...shipped 6/ hung up in Amarillo Tx and now it's stuck in Needles Calif for the past 3 days.... EDIT: Finally received 6/17!
  3. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I finally got a FedEx notice that my winch was shipped today 6/7 and expect it in a week.
  4. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    The only thing I got was after I filled out the recall form. I received a FedEx tracking then the box showed up. I shipped it back as I mentioned above on May 5th. I haven’t got an acknowledgement they received it or are working on it..nothing. No response to emails either. I see some on this...
  5. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I finally got somebody at Quadratec to get me some answers. I sent my winch on May 5th. They received on May 13th. It’s taking 30 days now before they will return ship plus the shipping time....Those of you who got a 2 week turn around we’re lucky....
  6. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    Well another week and not a peep. I’ve sent 2 emails asking the status... nothing. I called and they referred me to [email protected] whom I’ve been emailing....My box was picked up May 5th.
  7. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    Yes, you can default them to a custom took me a little while to figure it out but my original “it won’t” should now be “it can”.
  8. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    One thing to note, at least on mine, is that if you don’t have the app on then the lights default to white. When I open the app it will go to the last color I had chosen right away. As far as customer service, I think everyone is a little overloaded with this COVID thing...I got a response to a...
  9. Winches question from newbie

    I have the Fishbone front bumper and am very happy. I also got a Quadratech winch. It works fine and looks good BUT! I got a recall notice that said it will turn on un-commanded and when they have the parts in I have to ship it back. Can't quite grasp the concept of going down the Interstate and...
  10. Reprogramming JLU after lift & larger tires

    I got a Rough Country calibration unit. It works on the Jeep Jl and the Dodge 2018 Ram. It doesnt do much more than calibrate the odometer or another words no bells and whistles but half the price. First thing to know is if you have 35" tires you will find out they are really 34 1/4 depending on...
  11. My 2020 Jeep Rubicon “JLUR” could have killed me and my family this weekend.

    I recently had a momentary power loss...same vehicle as yours. I couldn't replicate it until this past Saturday. I was under the hood hooking up some rock lights. I normally use the Aux wiring and the built in grounding bolts but I wanted an internal switch. When I went to ground it on the...
  12. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    Here's the way I went..8 lights
  13. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    I thought about that location too...sits a little lower. I looked at running the control box inside and under the passenger seat but the wires are too thick to run all of them through the firewall even if I stripped off the outer covering. I have the 8 lights and will take pics later and post.
  14. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    Where have you mounted the control box for the BT control module? I used some heavy duty velcro and put it on top of the fuse box..Jeep JLU. I didn't drill any holes to mount it but looking at other ideas.
  15. Anyone running LUX rock lights?

    I just got mine in..what I didn't think about is the wheel wells are plastic so the magnets don't have anything to attach to. You can put them down low but the lights shoot straight out. Lux does sell the metal brackets so I just ordered one for each wheel well. Hope this helps somebody when you...
  16. 2 inch Mopar lift on a JLUR make much difference?

    I went with that Mopar lift and really like it. I'm running 18" rims and 35" tires and it just feels more stable and not top heavy. If your planning things like the Rubicon or that type of off-roading then you might consider more lift and definitely under armor.
  17. Powertank vs. On board compressor

    Built my own power tank setup for about 1/3 the cost. There’s a YouTube video on it. If you build your own it’s imperative you don’t cheap out on the connectors and line. They get really cold when filling your tires but it fills the tires fast. I refill at any welding shop. But, if you have...
  18. PICS PLEASE! JLUR 18" Wheels and 37" Tires

    Sorry...was out of town...will post tomorrow morning..
  19. California Sold: 4 2019 JL Rubicon Unlimited Stock rims and tires $850

    I have 4 take off tires and rims. The tires have about 3,500 highway miles. No off roading. Took off to put larger tires and rims on. I live outside Sacramento so I’d prefer you pick up or meet at a reasonable distance.