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  1. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    see post 17. And with the new led bulbs I haven’t had a single issue.And the oracles made a world of difference backing up at night.
  2. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    So I did Oracles advise and put in LED reverse light bulbs and now everything works perfect. It was overloading with the factory halogen back up bulbs
  3. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    I spliced my Oracles in, I wish I knew they made a harness I hate messing with factory wires
  4. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    Thanks! I sent them a private message but I figured I wouldn’t get a response till Monday
  5. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    I spliced right into the taillight. I reached out to Oracle and haven’t heard a response yet but when I do I’ll update the thread
  6. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    Has anyone ran into an issue after installing Oracle LED Back Up lights in the bumper that your reverse lights and the oracles all quit working together. As I’m backing up they were all coming on together for a second or 2 and then going out over and over and now after my last drive nothing is...
  7. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    I installed a glass screen protector and feels more like using my cell phone. Its an overall better feel and to me looks better as it is shinny.
  8. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    I absolutely love mine. I hate having to pull the keys out of my pocket to unlock the truck. I had a rental wrangler for work that didnt have it and drove me up the wall
  9. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I was always a Bronco fan (My full size bronco was my first car and had 2 EBs) and planned on getting one when they came out but the diesel engine, sky one touch top and solid axle sold me on the Jeep and not to mention I couldn't wait any longer for a Bronco.
  10. 2021 JLU Proximity Sensor Issues

    Thats how Fords are but I havnt had any issues now that I know how to do it.
  11. any new wireless CarPlay dongles out there?

    What did you order to be able to do that?
  12. 8.4 Uconnect Upgrade Issues

    I saw this thread and wonder if it will also work for upgrading from the 7 to 8.4
  13. 2021 JLU Proximity Sensor Issues

    That seems to have been my problem. Glad I was just being dumb and theirs nothing wrong with my Jeep. Thanks for the help
  14. 2021 JLU Proximity Sensor Issues

    Have had my 2021 JLU Ecodiesel for a couple weeks now but the door lock buttons on the door handles work very intermittent. I have no issue when I walk up to the truck it unlocks flawlessly but when I get out after parking the truck to lock it using the button on the door handle I cant seem to...