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  1. Windshield washer pump not turning on for front wipers

    I have a weird issue. Originally my rear washer stopped spraying. But I didn't care because I was lazy. Then the front ones stopped spraying a couple weeks later. I popped the hood and when I activated the washers, I can hear the pump turn on for the rear washer but not the front. No fluid for...
  2. Tail light guards
  3. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    What did you all tap into to power the DRL halo? I have a sport S so no LED package
  4. Additional components when installing Mopar 2" lift?

    Looking at the Mopar 2" lift, but I've read that most people get 3"+ after it's installed. What other components do I need? An adjustable track bar? Do I need adjustable control arms? It will mostly be a daily driver with light offroading.
  5. Upgrade stock 2018 JL lights?

    Oracle sells nice conversion LED bulbs. I don't have issues with people flashing me and they've been working great for the past 6+ months. Extreme terrain also sells led conversion bulbs for the fender DRLs. Fog lights are easy to switch to LED. So it's not much of a hassle. Only thing missing...
  6. Upgrade stock 2018 JL lights?

    The JL uses 9" headlights, why are these 7"?
  7. Show me your Spare Relocation

    These relocation kits that only attach to the gate or gate hinges... Do they really do anything to reinforce it? All the weight is still on the tailgate hinges...
  8. Installing tire carrier

    I've read that some bumper mounted tire carriers can mount to the stock bumper? How does this work? I thought you needed a compatible bumper and carrier together. Or is there a universal standard?
  9. Flashlight durability in the summer

    Looking to mount a flashlight to my roll bar but I'm worried about it's durability in the Florida summer.... I will usually have my top on so it won't be in direct sunlight but the car does get toasty inside. Anyone with experience with this?
  10. Qualify of Life Mods for Daily Driver (Sahara)

    Where do you put piping in the fender to protect the paint?
  11. What cargo netting are you guys using?

    I'm looking to run a mesh top from JTopsUSA and then have a cargo netting on the rear. Any suggestions? Quadratec sells one but it's ridiculously expensive ($300) for what is essentially a net.
  12. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    Thanks, gotta check mine. Seems like I'm getting a lot of light shooting up into trees
  13. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    For the Oracle LED headlights bulbs, is there an up or down orientation? Does it matter which way they face?
  14. Connecting DRLs on a Sport S

    Dude awesome! Thanks for the information. Hope you like it
  15. JK cargo netting on JL

    Looking to buy cargo net top/sides for the rear of my JL. Will the JK versions work? Or do I need a JL version? Just looking to do the trunk area and trunk sides. I wanna run a JTopsUSA mesh top with it. Basically exactly this but not $300...
  16. Connecting DRLs on a Sport S

    I'm looking to install the Oracle external LED Halo lights. Given that I have a JL Sport S, I don't have DRLs so I can't splice them into that wire. I was thinking to splice them into the rear 12V power outlet using a fuse splitter. Does anyone have any better ideas? Or a better fuse to use? I...
  17. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    How is the headlight beam cutoff? Any pics of before and after to compare? Anyone flashing lights at you?
  18. N fab step bars quality control bad.

    I had to bend the bracket on one of my nerf steps in order for it to fit. They also had to send me a whole new set because the original didn't come with the install screws/hardware. Won't be buying N fab again.
  19. My Steering Issues Have Been Fixed!

    How do you fix the ball joints? To what torque do you tighten the bolts?
  20. Headlight and Fog Light Bulb Replacement

    You have to be careful because the halogen lights are reflector based. Putting in whatever light bulb you find can cause other drivers to be blinded when driving towards them. Best bet is to wait for a good projector based LED headlight. With those you can adjust the cutoff of the headlight