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  1. Parksense issue after new 35” spare tire and relocation bracket installed

    Literally pulled the spare off and remounted it in a different orientation.
  2. Plasti dipping Sahara silver accents

    You do not have to remove the emblems to plastidip them. Mask off a square around them and spray several coats (thicker the better) then just peel away what’s on the paint. It does not damage the finish.
  3. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    plywood panels wrapped in marine grade vinyl.
  4. Front bumper hoop mod

    Sorry, I haven’t been on the forum lately and just saw this. Wasn’t hard, rate it a 6. Scariest thing is cutting the front plastic bumper.
  5. 2019 JL Tonneau Cover Available For 4 door?

    Soft top does not go down all the way but I strap it down anyway so it doesn't move. The cover is marine grade vinyl. The cover is holding up nicely. Only issue I'm having is the bolts rusting but that's an easy fix.
  6. 2019 JL Tonneau Cover Available For 4 door?

    Make your own...
  7. Tuffy tailgate lockbox anyone installed on yet?

    I mounted the box directly to the tailgate without the plastic cover and it fit just fine. I used weatherstripping along the back of it to avoid any squeaking.
  8. Grill Guard On Factory SAHARA!

    Welding is def a good option, I just don't have the ability. Honestly with 4 bolts it is very sturdy.
  9. Grill Guard On Factory SAHARA!

    My bad. I used us 2 1/8” hole saw at an angle.
  10. Grill Guard On Factory SAHARA!

    Didn't cut the bumper. I drilled 2 small holes in the top of the bumper and secured with nuts/bolts.
  11. Sahara grille inserts (painting different color)

    I would tape and paint. Comes out just as good and avoids removing the bumper.
  12. Tuffy tailgate lockbox

    To those that have the Tuffy tailgate lockbox I decided to try it without the plastic trim and it fits great. Removed the spacers and bolted right into place. A much cleaner look and I gained 2” in the back. Used rubber weatherstripping so there is no rattling.
  13. Pedal Commander review

    Totally agree! Just installed mine last night and in Sport+ I was chirping tires. Takes a little getting used to but great product.
  14. Show us your CUSTOM MODS!!

    Rugged Ridge 11540.14
  15. Show us your CUSTOM MODS!!

    It’s b nut and bolt. There’s a gap in the front of the frame you can slip a wrench in.
  16. # of Wranglers you’ve owned

    4 Total; 01 TJ 07JK 2dr. 12 JK 4dr. 18 JL 4dr. Loved them all!
  17. backseat heat question

    You could consider an aftermarket seat heater.