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  1. Harbor Freight Apex Badlands 12k winch question

    I have had this wench for a little over two weeks and not only does it look good sitting on the front end of your jeep, but after testing it out and seeing what it can do I can tell you that I think that Harbor freight has come up with a really good product.
  2. Badlands Apex 12k winch, Maximus-3 mount, Poison Spyder spacers, WARN Power Interrupter with factory steel bumper results/tips

    I bought the same Badlands Apex 12K and installed mine with the Mopar JL Winch mounting plate kit ( part number K6862619AC). I noticed that you were able to keep the plastic piece that shields the top looking down and its looks like you cut it at both sides where the winch is. Also it looks...