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  1. Massachusetts OEM Led Fog Lights $100

    I think the mounting holes are different but they do sell adapters
  2. Powertank 15lb BTS kit installed

    This wasn't an option for me since I run both tops anyway. It's easily removed if I need the extra floor space.
  3. Powertank 15lb BTS kit installed

    No issues at all. The 2.0 version bracket has a hole for the locating pin so it fits perfectly.
  4. Powertank 15lb BTS kit installed

    Installed the Powertank 15lb BTS "behind the seat" kit. Can't have enough AIR! Super easy install. Now to get the bottle filled tomorrow.
  5. 2.5" Metal Cloak or Clayton???

    I still haven't upgraded either of them and I recently put new Clayton 3.5 springs. Still running like a champ. Not necessary but wouldn't hurt if you can swing it.
  6. Connecticut Sold

    I'll let you know if I come across another set.
  7. Massachusetts Sold: Sold

  8. Massachusetts Sold

    Got your PM.
  9. Massachusetts Sold

    Sorry not willing to ship, but yes it would fit.
  10. Massachusetts Sold

    Still available
  11. Massachusetts Sold

    Sorry local sale preferred
  12. Massachusetts Sold: Sold

  13. New York WTB JLU Soft Top (2018-21 4-door)

    I have one in Central MA send me a message. See if we can work out meeting partway.
  14. Massachusetts Sold

    Price drop to $325
  15. Massachusetts Sold

    Thank you!
  16. Massachusetts Sold

    I don't think so. These are wicked heavy.
  17. Massachusetts Sold

    Central MA in Shrewsbury