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  1. New-ish owner's notes after a couple of days driving the '21 Willys

    5th and 6th are both overdrive gears. Just like the autos, you have to downshift to get decent acceleration.
  2. Worry about pins breaking when removing doors?

    I'm changing up doors (half doors/regular doors, or no doors) constantly. Never have had a problem. I just take a little care when plugging them in.
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I just ordered the exact items, due to arrive August 4. Looks like a great product! How long did it take to install them?
  4. Can I drive with top off and freedom panels on?

    I drive my '21 2 door with only the Freedom panels constantly. Yes, only 3 of the latches are used. Yes, it is rock solid and I've never had an issue at any speed. Yes, this thread was resurrected after 2 years of being dormant.
  5. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    Drive my new Willys 125 miles (round trip) 5 days a week into Houston. Its a manual trans 2 door and always look forward to the drive! Its a hard top, with the half doors mounted most of the time. I had a convertible sports car before, and the Willys is more comfortable, and quieter.
  6. Factory Half Doors

    I,ve adjusted mine all the way in at the top, but at highway speeds into the wind, they pull out at the top. I slow down some in rain storms and only get a few drops in occasionally.
  7. Average delivery time for Houston?

    Ordered a 2 door Willys on Feb. 13. Will get it supposedly next week. so that sounds about right. My dealer is in Alvin.
  8. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    I've been waiting since 2/13...
  9. Current lead time on new JL order

    I'm still waiting on a 2/13 order....
  10. No 2-door Soft Tops w/ half doors?

    Just tried it online and it let me build a JLR premium soft top with dual door group.
  11. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    It's good to also see a manual trans delivered. I've only been waiting a month for my manual with half doors. Hopefully they are rolling out at a rapid rate...
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Sorry, it was the clutch for the manual trans.
  13. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    New to Jeep family soon. Ordered a Sarge Green Willys 2 door manual. Dealer didn't mention transmission recall, so hopefully will be sorted out before it arrives at the dealer. they said 6-8 weeks, but taking that with a grain of salt. Here's a picture off the web site after I chose my options.