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  1. California 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - Tons of Aftermarket

    Interior color is? Over all height is? Thinking of selling my raptor and buying a Jeep.
  2. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    The Macan was special order and is the Performance Package ie the most powerful Macan you can buy at 440hp. It was suppose to be my car, but the wife now drives to work so just made more sense to let her drive it and I drive the 911. I just don’t want to drive the 911 all the time, so we...
  3. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    The 911 turbo vert is 2016 and has 4K miles. We just ordered a 18 Macan turbo w/ performance package and she drives it now and was a custom order. Those together are over 285k msrp lol. She doesn’t mind another car in the 50k range for a daily and just drive the 911 on weekends. My plan is to...
  4. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    Sweet truck. If I had the room in our driveway I would buy a raptor. My wife said if I get the truck we have to sell the 911 turbo or we get the JL and you can keep the car. We can’t have 300k tied up in vehicles. So she nixed that idea so Jeep it is lol
  5. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    We love our 18 Macan PP Turbo would never say that is a chicks car. Freaking thing is a blast to drive. I cross if you will shopped the raptor but it is just to big and MSRP is the price if you can find a dealer willing to deal at that. But it is also 70k+
  6. For Those Waiting on Sting Gray!

    Guess we just wait some more till they have the painted tops ready. I have debated hard top or soft top, but figure by the time they can deliver on soft top I would or could have the hard top.
  7. Dash Cameras, I want one but what's good?

    Waiting on the release of the Blackvue dr900s, have a few vehicles I would like to add them to.
  8. I've probably had the worst experience out of anyone that's received their JL

    That sucks the more I surf the board and see the “hiccups” doesn’t sit well even knowing the prior year problems. I have since started cross shopping with the raptor and a few others. I just need a daily driver
  9. I give you Sting-Gray!

    Maybe sell it local and rent a car while waiting ? I don’t have a trade in so no taxes savings. Even if I did it would make up the difference in deal with Kim. I believe it is a 1800-2k deficit between local dealers and Kim. I can fly at 200 and get the total trip under 400. Worth it for me I...
  10. I give you Sting-Gray!

    I have searched all over for best price and not being tied to financing. For my location it is to go see Kim In Little Rock. It was the best price overall for my situation
  11. I give you Sting-Gray!

    We plan to wait and see this color. They are just now about to start building 2 doors anyways so what is the extra wait to see this color. I will be doing the 2.0l as well and the hardtop they make first if this fits the soft top time line I might opt out if the hard top and save a little money...
  12. JL Factory Orders

    Who is your contact at McKinney ?
  13. JL Factory Orders

    This is who I am going to order from as I shopped most dealer in Houston and they were over the deal that Kim provided. I shopped Koons and Dillon, but would put the 1K back on Dillions deal to do my own financing and put more than 10K down. So it was 300 for another 8hrs of driving back to...
  14. New JLU owner... Not too Happy

    What is a real luxury brand? I have had all makes of cars. The only American brand that would give me a loner was cadillac for my CTSV. I don’t expect FCA to give me a loaner and never said I did. Was just surprised that there is a Porsche dealer who won’t give loaner. As I said service after...
  15. New JLU owner... Not too Happy

    I would call that a good business model. Take care of your customers and they come back. The bread and butter of any dealer isn’t the “sale” of the car it is in service. They make more money on repairs cars than selling them. Flag hours paid via warranty so yes they are getting paid via the...
  16. New JLU owner... Not too Happy

    Dear lord where do you live. Our Porsche dealer gives brand new loaners every time I need service on either of my cars. This was one of the reason of buying higher end cars was the service after the sale and not needing to rent a car for mine to be fixed.
  17. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Current cars are 2016 Convertible Turbo Porsche 911 and 2018 Porsche Macan Turbo with the Performance package. The Jeep will be ordered here shortly and it will be my daily driver and just keep the 911 for a weekend fun good weather car. I have had 30+ cars and numerous sports bikes...
  18. Order duration

    Jolonghorn what dealer and what percentage off? We will be ordering shortly and just trying to see what options we want
  19. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    This is true, that is why we have both. 2016 Turbo 911 convertible, and the Macan we just got the end of Oct. The Macan is the most powerful Macan they produce as it is the 2018 Turbo Macan with the Performance Package so 440 hp. The jeep will be a nice addition