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  1. Indiana Black JLU Hardtop for sale

    Mods, please delete this post; the purchase of my soft top fell through, so I'm not able to sell my hardtop now.
  2. Paint chip on edge of hood

    Thinking about just touching it up with some Mopar paint and then adding one of these to prevent it from happening again in the future:
  3. Paint chip on edge of hood

    I noticed a chip on the edge of my hood (where the hood meets the grill) from what I assume was a rock. It took a nice chunk out of the paint, down to the metal. Worth trying to fix on my own? Or should I just bring it in to the dealer and have them look at it? Mostly concerned with...
  4. Hard top front panel chipped!

    Sorry OP didn't mean to hijack your post. Cheers for the advice everyone!
  5. Hard top front panel chipped!

    Here is the pic, doesn't look as bad as I remember...
  6. Hard top front panel chipped!

    Same location as this one, just a deeper chip. I'll try to snap a photo later today if it ever stops raining
  7. Hard top front panel chipped!

    I have a chip on mine that is a little bit worse than yours... do you guys think I am okay to just touch it up? It's not a huge chip but it's noticeable for sure. Not sure what else I would do...
  8. Bestop JL Product Lineup

    I am curious about how the Trektop NX top will interact with my SpiderwebShade... will I have to remove my shade to operate the soft top? I know SpiderwebShade says you can use it with the OEM soft top, not sure about the Trektop NX. Any insight Cassie?
  9. White paint from hard top on door - removal?

    The first time I took the hard top off, I made the mistake of not opening the back doors on my JLU. Some of the white interior paint from the hard top rubbed off on the top of my rear door, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it off. Any ideas?
  10. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Anyone have pictures of the grey Spiderwebshade on their Jeep? Trying to decide between black and grey on mine (Granite Crystal Metallic)
  11. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Did they upcharge you when you changed to the black knobs instead of silver? They were saying I would have to pay $2 a piece (10 of them) if I wanted black... not sure if I want them that badly.

    Finally got the doors off over the holiday weekend!