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  1. New York JT Rubi Take-Offs

    Bump price drop
  2. New York JT Rubi Take-Offs

    Selling a set of 4 JT Rubi take-offs, TPMS, lugs, and wheel locks. They have about 6500 miles on them and haven’t been used for wheeling except for some light beach driving. $1250
  3. Koons Jeep Grand Cherokee Special

    we want to get a limited X. Most important features are heated seats/wheel and panoramic roof. Looking at lease for 42 months, 3500 down. Dealership up here is like 53k -4750 in rebates. Payment of 505/month. We’re in NY so I’d drive down or work out shipping if possible. can you beat that...
  4. Koons Jeep Grand Cherokee Special

    how different is invoice off of MSRP? I see a WOW price on the website. I'm starting to look now at High Altitudes and Limited's
  5. New Jersey Sold!!!$1500 - (4) 37x13.50 STTpro’s w’ blackrhino fury 17x9.5 $1500 firm

    Any particular reason you're parting ways? Looking to go 37s on my JT but concerned about the STT being too aggressive.