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  1. California Socal Rubicon Plastic Bumper w/ Led Fog Light

    Anyone know the wiring harness needed to put this on wrangler with non led fog light?
  2. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Love this set up!!!! It's basically what I want. Clean study bumper, slight lift, 35s, and it's a Sahara too!!! Rock on man. 🤘
  3. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Thank for sharing. I was a bit shocked when I read that 35s would require a re-gear and I really do not want to do that. I think I'll go up to 35s and give it a test for myself. Now I just need to find out how to get a good 1.5" to 2.5" lift without breaking the bank. Again. If yall know any...
  4. California Rock Krawler 4.5” springs and isolators

    Ahhhh so you wanted more lift. I'm wondering if I grab these I'll probably have to also upgrade the shocks. Hmmm what to do.
  5. California Rock Krawler 4.5” springs and isolators

    Too much lift or what? Curious as to why you decided against it?
  6. California Icon Stage 5 for JLU

    Do you have a link to the kit?
  7. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Thinking about jumping up from the KO2s (that come stock with the Rubi) to 37''s. I know this will need a lift on my JLUS (Sahara). I think the max I can go without a lift is 35''s but even then your pushing it. I could actually settle for 35" but I would still do a slight lift. I do not want to...
  8. California Rubicon wheels

    It says SF under his profile picture to the left of the post.
  9. California WTS: (5) Rubicon takeoffs w/ sensors, BFG K02

    Are these still available?
  10. Bummed after soft top vandalized :/

    I had something similar happen to my JLUS in LA in my parking garage. They slipped into the same back panel. Fortunately I did not have anything of value in the wrangler. However I did have two bags of clothing I was going to donate to charity the next day. They took the bags out. Rummaged...
  11. California Sahara Tires / Wheels $450

    SET OF 5 TIRES AND WHEELS (RIMS). All parts are stock from the dealer. Comes with the lugs. Just took these off at 2,5XX miles. Essentially still new. Only road driven. No scuffs or scratches on the tires or wheels (rims). Asking $450. Shot me a text with questions (708)-466-0849. Located in...
  12. California SOLD

    Will probably have to change the rear door hing/mount, right? or will this fit without modifications?
  13. California SOLD

    Will these fit onto a stock JLUS (Sahara)? or does this require a lift of some type?
  14. California 2019 JLU Rubicon Wheels & Tires (Southern California)

    Are they the same tires pictured here? TPMS? How many miles?
  15. California Rubicon Suspension + Mopar Lift LCAs + .5" Teraflex Spacers

    How are you coming to that conclusion. In my area, LA, Rubi springs/shocks are selling just around $150, the Mopar LCAs sell for $65-75, and the Tera spacers sell for $50. Do the math my friend. If you are in LA and do not want to run around looking for Rubi parts, ordering the Mopar LCAs and...
  16. California SOLD OEM LED JL Headlights

    No sir. I have marked these as sold.
  17. California Rubicon Suspension + Mopar Lift LCAs + .5" Teraflex Spacers

    Ummm. Are you sure? Mine have the same part number for both left and right. Where are you getting this information from?
  18. California Rubicon Suspension + Mopar Lift LCAs + .5" Teraflex Spacers

    No sir. This is for pick up only. Unless the buyer really wants them that bad. Total weight is somewhere around 50-60lbs.
  19. Death Wobble Started

    That's funny. Your photo...mine looked just like yours, with the sticker literally in the exact same spot. Fairly certain they flipped it, this past Friday, because the sticker is now on the other side. More towards the center of vehicle. However, I am not sure if this actually will change...