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  1. Pennsylvania 37 Yokohama on atx slab

    Sorry my last post lack detail. Complete sale pending pickup this week. That’s what I meant at this time. I’ll update original post.
  2. Pennsylvania 37 Yokohama on atx slab

    Not willing to separate the wheels and tires.
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: 37 Yokohama on atx slab

    Sold...5 Yokohama xmt 37 13.50 17 on slab bead-locks 5x5. Tires new and selling to go to 39s. Tires mounted and balanced out great. $1200 tires only $1100slabs $2150 together
  4. Pennsylvania 40/13.50r17 Patagonia’s

    Let me know if you have any questions. I only had a nickel to check tread.
  5. Pennsylvania 40/13.50r17 Patagonia’s

    I’ll get some new pics this week. Tires are dismounted and in storage. Attached are pics from this October just before removing them..Ty
  6. Pennsylvania Sold: 40/13.50r17 Patagonia’s

    5 Patagonia for sale. 5th brand new and the other 4 have less then 10,000 miles on them. Located in southeastern Pa. $1000 pm for pics.
  7. Pennsylvania 40 Patagonia’s for 37s

    Updated. Will trade for 37s if anyone wants to bump up.
  8. Pennsylvania 40 Patagonia’s for 37s

    I’m taller and long torso which sat me above the sports cage. With the front seat mount on the tub I didn’t see a solution that would remedy the safety issue. At least on I would like for a 50k Jeep that wasn’t a compromise. I didn’t like how the JL sat lower and didn’t like my steering...
  9. Pennsylvania 40 Patagonia’s for 37s

    I sold my JLUR and have an LJ but I did have 3.5 on my JLUR and 40s
  10. Pennsylvania Sold: 40 Patagonia’s for 37s

    5 40x13.5 17 Mikestar Patagonia’s. $1100 4 with approximately 5k miles 1 never brand new never mounted. Pick up located in SE Pennsylvania.
  11. Pennsylvania 4 Cooper STT Pro 37x13.50/17 for 35s

    Thanks thanks for the offer but looking for a different tire.
  12. Pennsylvania 4 Cooper STT Pro 37x13.50/17 for 35s

    I have 4 stt pro 37s that I will trade for 35s or sell for $800. Tires have about 12k miles on them. They were on my truck and I went to an AT due to business travel. Located in eastern PA
  13. Pennsylvania Motobilt tire carrier

    Sold the JLUR and I still have the Motobilt tire carrier I never installed. Powder coated black $575 and not looking to ship.
  14. Tall people, big guys, you might want to reconsider the JL...

    I'm just shy of 6'3 and just got rid of the JLUR for a Powerwagon. The change was due to my head hitting the sound bar and being above the header bar. I had plenty of room with the hardtop so that was not the issue. I am slightly long torso but nothing crazy. I would really recommend potential...
  15. Pennsylvania Sold: 2018 JLUR on 38s or 40s

    I’m looking to sell my JLUR on 40s but will sell it with 38s if that is preferred. Reason for sale is I’m going to 1 Jeep and thinking about keeping my built LJR. I added leather when purchased and have 13k miles on the Jeep. I love the JL but it’s a better fit for the family to keep the LJ...
  16. Pennsylvania 2006 LJR impact orange

    Yes. To the trails, kids to school, drives better then factory. Title is clean but does have a bank note but very little. Will pay it off when I have serious interest.