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  1. GMRS antenna mounting

    How is the reception? I really like this solution. Link to where you got it please?
  2. Texas For Sale 4 DR Rubicon Rock Rails

    Rubicon Rock Rails for 4 DR Rubicon JL. A little dirty but no dents. $100
  3. (Sold) Selling Metalcloak Overline Rocker Rails - $500 (Austin Area)

    I’m in Spring and would have to drive over. Would you part with for $400?
  4. Rear diff trashed on wife’s Sahara

    Yes so far. Except for no parts availability. Will be at least another week or more I’m told. A couple of the bearings are eating themselves apparently.
  5. Rear diff trashed on wife’s Sahara

    Not sure how to describe sound except it sounds like a universal going out (which wasn’t a concern). Sound could be heard on deceleration only at low speed. Clunking like sound.
  6. Rear diff trashed on wife’s Sahara

    Took the wife’s Sahara for new tires the other day and noticed a noise I didn’t like coming from rear end. Took to dealer and sure enough, rear diff. is trashed. Evidently, some bad bearings from the factory and they were slowly coming apart. The worse news is, parts aren’t available it...
  7. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    Trying this again...I will be at Hidden Falls this Saturday. Weather is supposed to be great. Come ride along!
  8. Factory Fog lights quit working

    Went to different dealer. They said wires were pinched and replaced the wiring harness. They said they didn’t see any tape job. When the bumper was removed, Evidently the wires got pinched between the frame and bumper shorting them out. Costly mistake...:headbang:
  9. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    Anyone up for a run to Hidden Falls tomorrow?
  10. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    I am running spacers on stock wheels. No problems and there don’t poke the wheels out too much. More like what I’d want if I went to aftermarket wheels with the offset I’d want...
  11. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    Entered. Over landing equipment, tent, fridge, winch, 35” tires at least, minimum 2.5” lift.
  12. Hidden falls 2/8/20

    No. Metalcloak 2.5 Rocksport. 35” BFG’s.
  13. Hidden falls 2/8/20

    I was there this afternoon for about 4 hours with my daughter. We had fun running Green Mile, North Pole, Bronco Buster and others. Jeep did
  14. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    Let’s get the meet up going!
  15. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    AEV 2.5, 35 BFG’s Load Range C. I’m very happy with the look and ride.
  16. Towing Jeep Light Set UP

    Like Bret said, the install wasn’t that bad at all. Take your time and pay close attention to the instructions, (they’re pictorial in nature) and its a nice kit. Very happy Mopar decided to offer their own kit instead of after-market make shift. Best option in my opinion. This is second Jeep...
  17. Free to good home

    Sorry. There gone!