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  1. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    No sir had all that and hinges wrapped to match the grill and them make a cool little cowl piece in black to tie it all together.
  2. Overlanding in 4xe

    Dang, I get pissed my F450 doesn't have the second tank option and only has a range of 350 miles. I couldn't imagine cross country/road trip driving with only 270 miles of max range and only averaging 250 for the most part. To each their own though, since our 392 barely bests that.
  3. 35x11.5R17 on AEV Pintler Wheels

    Yep we wanted it the same as the 2017 Recon it's replacing.
  4. Overlanding in 4xe

    Out of curiosity what is the range of the 4XE with that much weight added?
  5. 35x11.5R17 on AEV Pintler Wheels

    Won't be a hard core wheeler as much as our family ranch rig. Gets pretty muddy up here in NorCal so we didn't want wider knobbies flinging mud into the cab. Also stuck with the 35"s so our old man can get in and out easy. Not for everyone and I'd probably run 37"s if it was solely me using...
  6. Gear Change for 37's on my 392

    I am running 4.88 on my '68 Bronco with a 4.6 S/C Terminator on 40"s. Ran 46"s for Top truck and never had a problem. SuperDuty axles are far stronger than these axles but for 37"s I don't see why you'd need to low gears at all.
  7. 3.0L Eco Diesel and 35s

    6%? On a 500 rwhp comp truck I'd only lose 5 hp per inch. That's 2% not 6%. Maybe on a gasser someone will lose 6% but not on a diesel.
  8. Is overheating an issue?

    Water boils at 212* so that 250* oil temps are driving up your coolant temps past 212*. Now don't forget that as you increase in elevation say like Denver at a mile high, boiling temp is actually going to drop close to 200*. So I don't ever want my oil temps over 220* under the absolute...
  9. Is overheating an issue?

    The ED yes is a Euro Spec high rev motor. That doesn't mean that we can't get the thermal temps back to lower safer specs. Planned Obsolescence has been a staple of European design for a lot longer than here. Not sure why we'd want or except that mentality from our manufacturers. 1st Gen...
  10. Is overheating an issue?

    Heat is the enemy. As long as, while we are operating the vehicles and temps are this high parts are expanding and creating more friction, increasing wear, failure, and shortening parts life cycles. No thanks I'll hope and try to expedite someone making a part that keeps our mills crazy cool...
  11. Is overheating an issue?

    Someone posted pics earlier this week of the oil temps and it looks very similar to the inefficient oil cooling system on the 6.0 Powerstroke that drives up coolant temps. In the App/Offroad section of our head unit there are gauges that allow us to view our coolant and engine temps. I haul in...
  12. Is overheating an issue?

    I just got off the phone with BulletProof Diesel and if there are any people in the Mesa, AZ or SouthWest region that have the means to allow them to take a look at their vehicle this is something they are very interested in helping us find a solution for. I'm all about looking for companies...
  13. 2021 3.0 Diesel on a Dyno @ 396 Wheel & 495 FT-LB CRANK TQ - Video attached

    2011 F250 with H&S tuner. 390+120 tune = 510. 510x.85=433.5 Dyno tested and made 444 rwhp. 444/510=87% so only losing 13%. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than claim I have a 550 hp truck when I don't. I simply say that I have a 444 rwhp truck. It's cool that my EB has a 375+hp 4.6 SC...
  14. 2021 3.0 Diesel on a Dyno @ 396 Wheel & 495 FT-LB CRANK TQ - Video attached

    Nope, Canyon we have is a 4x4 and so are all my comp trucks and SUV.
  15. 2021 3.0 Diesel on a Dyno @ 396 Wheel & 495 FT-LB CRANK TQ - Video attached

    Newer multi clutch transmissions you will not have anywhere near 20% loss. That would be more like a 1965 FJ40 with a 350/TH350/and any 1960's OE T Case. My 2016 LWN 2.8L Canyon that is rated at 181 hp factory produced 154 rwhp uncorrected on the dyno. That is only a 15% loss and that was...
  16. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    I call BS. The one review they did the kid lied out of his rear, claiming the Bronco is roomier on the inside. I've been in both and the Bronco is on the Ranger chassis. It is a sardine can inside just like the Ranger. Our Gladiator and 392 has miles more room throughout the inside. The...
  17. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    Agree 100%! Bronco V6 Vs Wrangler V6 are apples and oranges. One is forced induction and the other is naturally asperated. Like comparing a naturally asperated V8 to a forced induction V8. I was a Ford guy my whole life btw until they started shoving the Eco-Joke line down our throat's. I...
  18. JL/Gladiator Offset chart OE thru -18

    Thanks for correcting me. I meant offset. Old school brain always reverts to the word backspacing which is so meaningless in reality now that we use offset. lol
  19. 37 x 12.50 vs 13.50 tires

    Like others say it all depends on what you want to do with it. Wider is for flotation environments like Sand, Snow, Mud. Negative for wider tires is rubbing, harder to turn, tougher to proper balance, and severely increases wear on steering and suspension components as well as drive train...