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  1. AUX Switches: Cable COLOR CODE Wiring Identification

    Had the same question. Wiring in several sets of Baja Designs LED lights. I inquired if I needed the wire harnesses for them with fuses and relays. Per Baja Designs tech department if I am using the OEM installed aux switch I do not need their harness as the 4 power leads are already fused and...
  2. Installed Borla Climber catback exhaust

    I put the Borla on mine too. It is loud. Many may like that. I do not with a V6. Reminds me of the V6 mustang with straight pipes taking off from a light making all this noise and going the same speed at the Prius next to him. Fit and Finish is beyond excellent, another A+ from Borla...
  3. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    Nice! That's how I'd love to have a set of Forged Trail Ready beadlocks with rock rings made.
  4. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    Need more info on the wheels. 11” wide sounds awesome.
  5. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    There has got to be a way. We’ve broken into the canbus for so many other things. Just will take someone much smarter than me and possibly an engineer at FCA to take a few bucks under the table.
  6. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    XD60 at 72”? 5” BS wheel? What is outside to outside measurements from OS tire to OS tire? Looking for new trailer and need width info for that. Thanks.
  7. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    I've talked to more people than I can count about wiring up the Dynatrac elocker to the OEM switch. No one is saying squat, like it can't be done. I refuse to give in to that. Have you made any headway?
  8. Jeep JL Alpine fade issue

    ive had my JL for a week, put 3000 miles on it. Love it. Really like the Alpine radio as well, sounded awesome until I took it to get detailed. Ever since it seems like the driver front speaker plays at a higher volume than the rest of the system. I've played with the fade and if I move it 3/4...
  9. Tire fitment

    On stage 1 of my JL build I'm installing a 3.5" GC Metal Cloak lift with six packs. Plan to run 38x13.5r7 Patagonia MT on ATX AX194 RAVINE 17 X9 (-12 offset) so that should be a 4.53 backspace. I'm assuming these will fit without rubbing for the short term I'll have them, just need to dial in...

    Great looking product. Has any crash testing been done? The OEM cage is hardened steel incorporated with crumple zones to give the best protection possible with hundreds of thousands spent on crash testing. Worried this will strengthen certain areas but not allow the entire system to work as it...
  11. Anyone install a front camera?

    The grille-mounted TrailCam off-road camera captures the view in front of the tires and displays it on the Uconnect® touchscreen. Dynamic tire path gridlines help select the best vehicle path to successfully negotiate difficult obstacles. An integrated washer nozzle allows for push-button camera...
  12. Low voltage on the 3.6?

    Alright friends! I got a strange question about the new JL. Now this thing has the maddening stop/start crap (for now), but the voltage concerned me. Under throttle and idle voltage is at a low 12.6V, now if I’m going down the road and coast voltage will go up to 13.2-13.4. It never hits what...
  13. Motobilt JL Rubicon 2.5" Lift On 40's

    Can you post up the wheel specs? offset/backspacing is biggest interest with rub points. Thank you in advance
  14. Where are you mounting your CB?

    Looks like I'll be going with Cool Tech too
  15. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great. I may do 5.5” BS trail readys like this, cleared wheel with color matched rock rings. I’m going with 72.5” XD60 f/r with 8 lug for the 40’s. I should be about 1/2” narrower each side but similar stance. Merry Christmas!!
  16. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Looking good! What wheels and BS are those? Any rubbing at full flex? I'm going 3.5" so I may try 38-40 tires but really like this stance and look.
  17. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    Agreed. Are you doing this soon? I am ordering axles next week. If you jump on this please let me know how it goes.
  18. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    Te other working harness kit: If you try these and they work please let me know. Jeep should be here in February and I'd like to go XD60 but only if I can integrate it to OEM switch and be seamless.
  19. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    Called Dana about the UD60 being plug and play on the lockers. They said there is an E-locker wire harness kit #10021771 and a OE Integration crate axle e-locker wire harness #10056733 listed for the JL. The person I spoke with didn't know the difference between the two. I'm fingers crossed...