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  1. Mopar warranty refund question

    I paid about $3400 for a lifetime maxcare from my dealership. Can I cancel that for a refund and buy from Tom Winkels' cheaper price? I've canceled a warranty before and received the prorated refund, but wasn't sure about coming right back and purchasing the same coverage elsewhere would be OK.
  2. Rubicon 5 Stock Rims 17" SOLD!

    Still for sale?
  3. Overhead speaker farting

    Can you tell me where this soundbar is?
  4. Overhead speaker farting

    My overhead speakers tend to fart with bass heavy music. I have tried tightening the hex screws that mount the speaker in, but it never completely eliminates the issue. I find that if I push up on the speaker itself or the adjacent plastic with a little force the farting disappears completely...
  5. JL hardtop removal

    They are the mopar cross bars if that helps you visualize. We pretty much have those on all the time anyway. They mount to the rain gutters of course, but they can take 150lbs of downward cargo weight. So if I attach my straps to each end of both bars they should be able to handle the weight of...
  6. JL hardtop removal

    Do you think it would be OK to use my crossbars to hook on to ?
  7. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    BI9-BLU cuz BIG-BLU was taken. Guess what color she is?
  8. First Jeep. Whistling noise while driving.

    So is this something a dealer will actually fix? We have this, too. I thought it was our crossbars on the roof maybe, but this makes more sense.
  9. Mopar roof rails screw missing

    So one of the plastic screws that locks the cover plate on to the tower must have blown off of my roof rail. Is it possible to purchase replacement screws?
  10. I got a recall, what should I do before the parts got replaced?

    My VIN doesn't come up for this recall (or any), but I do have a steering issue that makes it hard to drive straight. Especially when trying to straighten out of a turn. We are loading this thing down with beach gear and heading 800 miles to Florida on Friday. Gonna be scrambling to get a quick...
  11. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Could you drill through the roof for some discreet hooks? Would that help with weight distribution? Trying to think of the quickest way one person can get their top on and off. There are some great designs here!