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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Picked mine up August 2020. Was not fitted to mine.
  2. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I have a 2020 and it looks like the one on the left. How strange eh?
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Not correct. I have a 2020 Willys and mine does not have those fitted. Mine looks like the one on the left.
  4. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I keep a daily watchful eye on the car market and right now, I think you would be crazy to purchase a Wrangler. I was tracking a Gladiator Rubicon on April 15th and the local Texas dealer had it listed with $8000 in discounts. $2000 of that were from Jeep and the rest from the Dealer. Six weeks...
  5. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I just posted the same response. Smart financial people know this.
  6. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    Makes zero sense and those neighbors sound like they have more money than brains. Vehicle loan rates at my Credit Union are at 1.95%. Instead of putting all the cash into what is typically a depreciating asset, they should put some of that money into other investments and enjoy the double digit...
  7. JL resale values are insane!

    Hoping one of you try out Vroom and report back. I have heard nothing but great reports about Carvana but have heard the opposite about Vroom. Did any of you see the mess that TFL truck had to deal with?
  8. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Completely agree with you. A lift and larger tires helps the looks. 33s looks wrong.
  9. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    He probably purchased the incorrect size. I had one for years and no way I could have driven or turned wheel with it on.
  10. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Back in the late 90s I owned a Subaru WRX in the UK. Number 1 stolen vehicle at that time as they were great getaway cars. UK had a terrible time with car thefts, so much so that companies like Ford stopped selling some of their hot hatches. Thatchem Research began New Vehicle Security...
  11. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    In my opinion, they are so expensive for a mid size truck. I see Rubicon's and Mojave's listed between $50k - $60k around Austin if you want one with a decent spec. In December 2019 I purchased a GMC Sierra AT4 for similar money. It has an incredible 6.2 V8 with the 10-speed and pretty much...
  12. Stiff Brake Pedal After Sitting

    I have the same problem on most days. 2020 Wrangler Unlimited Willys - 3.6 Auto with ESS. Purchased new in August 2020 and I have only covered around 1700 miles. I park the jeep in my garage overnight. I got into it one morning and noted that the brake pedal was super stiff. Hardly any movement...
  13. 2021 Wrangler Willy's - two weeks since purcase - 300 miles on it - won't start

    No, I do not pump the brakes. There is no need to do something like that. I am an old dog who has been driving for 32 years. lol. I have driven more cars than I can even remember. I have no need to pump the brakes in my 2020 Jeep with ABS. I drive into my garage, move transmission to Park...
  14. 2021 Wrangler Willy's - two weeks since purcase - 300 miles on it - won't start

    Please ignore everyone who is sending you off down a rabbit hole talking about a device that has nothing to do with your problem. I have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Willys - Auto with the 3.6. I have the same problem. There is some issue here that either Jeep are not aware of or know of the problem...
  15. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    Still having issues. I took my Jeep to the dealer to get the Steering TSB work done and asked them to look at the hard break pedal/will not start problem. First they said that they found a fault code and had cleared it and I should take it home and report back if it happens again. It happened...
  16. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    $4000!!!! Did I read that correct? That is insane. I will stick with my $400 EAG tube doors and spend the remaining $3600 on strippers, whiskey and gambling.
  17. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Not just a jeep thing. Happens to classy Mercedes vehicles too. You have to shield your key fobs while they are in your home.
  18. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    This is very similar to a problem I had two weeks ago on my 2020 Wrangler JL Unlimited 3.6 Auto. Climbed into the vehicle, put my foot on the brake pedal ready to start it and noted that the pedal was very hard. It was so hard that I could hardly move it. Pushed the start button and it...