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  1. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    I joined the club (exclusive membership). Window ordered..So much for my decals on the glass. Way to many problems for me. I think it's trade-in time. Two new batteries, Seat latch busted, Homelink issues, frame recall inspection and rear defrost...7500 miles and these problems.
  2. Both Batteries being replaced...

    Went to start my 18 JL Rubicon and it was dead. Tried to jump it but jump box had most of its power drained upon pushing start button. Had to have it towed to the dealer. Barely got enough juice to move shifter into neutral by removing panel and pulling cord. Got a call that both batteries need...
  3. Rear defroster is dead

    Add me to the list. I'm just letting my issues add up until my first service. Broken passenger seat latch at top. Homelink not working. Plastic covers inside hard top have fallen off. Rear window defroster. Recall for frame welds...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What rock rails/sliders are those under the stock rubi rails?
  5. Passenger Rear Seat Release Issue

    I broke the release handle/lever on my 2 door in the first couple of days of ownership...I have yet to take it back to the dealer as it is still functional. I see no way to adjust. Your issue may be different as I was able to get it to disengage. It Should be an easy fix for dealer as I have...
  6. Please help ASAP- installing ace sliders and need some advice

    Thanks...I will certainly consider.
  7. Please help ASAP- installing ace sliders and need some advice

    Agree with the quality....As I mentioned I have had them on my 2012 Arctic Edition and my 2017 JK Recon. Again a "Great Product"...My point is at $500.00 I can't afford to take a chance and have a bolt break off and have to have a repair done etc...Something must be different with the bolts/lock...
  8. Please help ASAP- installing ace sliders and need some advice

    Good info. Sorry you are dealing with this. I had them on my JK with no problem. Just got a 2 door Rubicon and I have been struggling with whether to buy these or not. At $395.00 and the shipping to SC at $100.00 it was tough to decide but now that I have read a couple of threads about bolts...
  9. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    What running boards are those on your Rubi? Did you have to remove rock rails to install?
  10. Red Dash Trim Removal / Replacement

    I think it is gray on the yella not red...
  11. Weird plastic rattle

    The same noise was driving me crazy and when I took my hard top off I found the same problem on my 2 door. The plastic cover (both sides) was not sticking to the adhesive strips. I took clamps and secured the plastic trim as shown in the pictures to the adhesive strips. Hopefully it will hold if...

    Picked mine upon the 2nd of July. Added Mopar grab handles, Antenna X and Alien Sunshade. Looking for a set of rock rails either ACE or SmittyBuilt SRC when they are available..
  13. Garage Opener Problem

    Mine is not working as well. Same problem. I need to bring it in to be looked at.
  14. Poll: Sunshades, what one is best and why?

    I bought the Alienshade for my 2 door because of cost and the fact it said it could be installed without dropping the windshield. I have yet to get two of the clips on that hold the bungees on the front. I have tried several times. Other folks have had no problem. Bottom line is I will need to...
  15. Team Alien Sunshade Has Landed!

    Glad to hear you got yours installed on your 2 door. I have had mine for 4 days and I still have not gotten 2 of the clips to hold on my 2 door. I have tried several times. I also complained about the index card for directions. At 53 I could care less about a little Alien figure and green...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How was the instal of the ACE sliders? The last set I had on my JK I had to grind washer... Did the bolts come out pretty easy on the JL?
  17. 200 miles and problems already.

    What did they do to fix it. Did they order a new one?
  18. Am I crazy or does this hood paint look off?

    I have a Granite 2 door Rubi. Sun light and shadows really change the look of that color a lot. I am thinking it is fine.
  19. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    That White is sick...The upgraded wheels/white letter tires make a difference in my opinion...