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  1. 2018 JLUR - DEAD Emergency Brake

    In our case, it turns out that the button on the end of the lever was sticking so as to engage the mechanism full time. The dealership took it apart, lubed it and it seems to work fine now...however, in the process of doing that, I'm pretty sure they broke the little plastic trim cover that goes...
  2. Throttle Stuck on Rubicon

    Curious if anyone has experienced this....Yesterday while starting up our Rubicon, the throttle seemed to be stuck wide open...I immediately pushed the stop button and turned it off (so no damage), then tried starting it again....again full throttle....hit the button to stop it. The third time I...
  3. 2018 JLUR - DEAD Emergency Brake

    Wondering what the fix was for this? I'm taking mine in on Monday, as the same thing happened to our lever yesterday....
  4. My JlU Rubicon keeps throwing rocks on to itself. Fender protection?

    Can you take a pic of what you have done and post it so that I can see it? Would really appreciate it:)
  5. My JlU Rubicon keeps throwing rocks on to itself. Fender protection?

    Yeah we are getting a ton of pebble sized rocks getting wedged btw the fender and the body....I'm worried that eventually its going to scrape the paint and lead to rusting. I'm going to try to find some after market universal kick back mud flaps...if that doesn't resolve the issue, I'm...
  6. Mopar Floor Mats - hole in the middle?

    Lol....we just installed ours tonight...the quadratec video was very helpful!
  7. Looking for a universal mud flap that will work on the Rubicon?

    Hi all, Since the Mopar mud flaps will not work on a Rubicon because of the rock rails, anyone know know if a universal mud flap might work. We are finding that the front tires completely cover everything from the front flare back.... I've been looking at...
  8. Post your dirty pics! Get a little mud on the tires :)

    Usually in Alberta mud goes hand in hand with ranching and horses...its how we roll...
  9. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    That's great to hear Ken:) Hope that your JL comes sooner rather than sure to post some pics!!
  10. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    ha ha....cold is another dirty 4 letter word around these parts this year....unbelievably cold. This morning it was -20C on my thermometer before heading out for a run. I'm jealous of your BC springs Peter:)
  11. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    Our experience has been great. The JL has been flawless in the first 1000km's. No issues with any of the electronics, 4wd works great, the new manual transmission is awesome, though as others have said, takes a bit of adjustment simply because the clutch begins to engage as soon as your foot...
  12. JL won't let me disable auto seat/steering wheel heat

    Ha, this thread...we have the same problem with ours. At first I thought there was something wrong, then was able to piece together from the owner's manual that it defaults to being "on" based on outdoor temp, with no way to adjust the threshold or turn the option off. It is annoying...
  13. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    Ha, we did not...I was kind of regretting that we hadn't, but in the end, we got our vehicle and the financing that we were expecting, so all is good. A shout out to this forum too...I've read so much about the JL that I had a better working knowledge of the vehicle than the salespeople...
  14. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    You probably still have a bit of. Wait to go....
  15. Vancouver (and area), Canada group order

    We ordered ours January 8th, it arrived last Thursday and we took delivery of it today. Our experience taking delivery of it was a bit of a shit show which I will likely unpack in a separate post, but as far as our rubicon goes, we love it. It’s hands and fist above our previous J.K.
  16. Warning: Select Trac video! You may die laughing!

    I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to help folks stuck in the snow.....and every time I've said, just DON'T spin your wheels....and every time they hammer it like they're trying to flee a zombie invasion....its amazing how often people think 4wd makes them invulnerable to adverse...
  17. Did anyone find good seat covers for the JLUR leather seats?

    Check out wet okole....they have awesome covers for the wrangler...
  18. Post your pics of your aftermarket bumper

    That's actually really helpful....Seeing the bumper from multiple angles helps a great deal. Thanks for that!!
  19. Post your pics of your aftermarket bumper

    Just trying to decide on an aftermarket bumper...I'm leaning strongly towards the Artec Nighthawk, but I'd love to see more pictures of what it actually looks like installed. Anyone else install an aftermarket bumper yet?