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  1. Pictures of Bestop soft top down?

    Here is my JLR Trektop with windows off and sun rider open. It takes maybe 5 minutes.
  2. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Thanks for the tip on the window bolts — they are stiff! I didn’t use anything but a hand socket for fear of putting too much torque on them. Otherwise my install on 2021 JLR went fine. I would rate the difficulty as 3-4 however because of all the plastic parts that get pushed around in the...
  3. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    LTE antenna is 68293962AA, mounted on sound bar next to GPS antenna in provided cutout. Fakra D (burgundy) cable is 15 feet with male and female ends. Cable not available from Mopar that I could find, so ordered from (who are in China but made up the cable from their menu and got...
  4. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    Yes — after installing, I did a complete reboot (Tazer is handy for this) and it figured it out nicely. It is also worth noting on the liability/policy front that the VIN in the radio is a pretty strong control as well. I understand that is also pretty hard to change...
  5. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    I’ll add one more partially informed, backward engineered 8.4” install story in a 2021 JLR. I got a new UAQ radio from a “web dealer” ( They put my VIN into the radio as a virgin unit. I also got the Tazer to do as much configuration as I could. Everything (ORP, Sirius XM radio...
  6. Cracked Windshield Club

    I asked Safelite about going this GG route for my 2021 JL windshield (this would be the fourth windshield in 6 months from new). They warned me to understand the warranty limitations (even under my comprehensive insurance claim) from Jeep, which are: “Mopar Windshield Made with Corning Gorilla...
  7. Gorilla Glass Windshield

    OK — so I took delivery on the JLR at left on September 30, 2020 — got rock impact spidering windshield on November 8. Safelite replaced with Jeep brand windshield following week. Got another rock impact spidering windshield on December 29 — Safelite replaced with non-Jeep windshield following...
  8. Cracked Windshield Club

    I purchased JLR new on September 30 — as of today the third windshield cracked across from the bottom at -5 degrees F. The first two were rock chips that spidered across the entire windshield. I even put a deflector on the hood, hoping to reduce rock impacts. I guess this is par for the course?
  9. 2021 3.6 eTorque - No Aux Battery?

    3.6 Automatic transmission does not (manual transmission does) have auxiliary battery for 2021. 3.6 automatic is eTorque.
  10. 2021 3.6 eTorque - No Aux Battery?

    I see, so it looks like the 2020 3.6L above was the last of the non-eTorque automatics — as I understand it 2021 3.6L automatics are eTorques? Or put another way, where are eTorques available on 2021 JL’s?
  11. 2021 3.6 eTorque - No Aux Battery?

    So I just purchased (on September 28) a 2021 Rubicon with Engine “2.0L I4 DOHC DI Turbo Engine with Start Stop” on the window sticker, after looking at a 2020 Rubicon with Engine “3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine Upg I w/ESS” on the window sticker — and I thought I had some idea what I was comparing (not...