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  1. Rubber Duck Rules?

    My wife has been ducking a lot lately, got another order of more than 50 this past week. There's a jeep I see on my drive to work that's been well outfitted. So I brought a halloween themed Dracula Duck for the Insane Jane jeep. I actually left it on the dash in front of the steering wheel...
  2. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    Nope, none at all, if you went wheeling and had large articulation I'd guess it was possible. Put rubicon springs and shocks and took it to Moab. No rubbing there though we didn't do anything real difficult as my wife had never been offroad. She drove and I spotted.
  3. Rubber Duck Rules?

    That's what my wife did, there's a bag of ducks in the back and she can't wait. But she wants to duck a close friend first.
  4. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    So I went to AAA yesterday, they CANNOT register a vehicle purchased from a dealer. They can register a vehicle purchased from an individual. They couldn't tell me why, just that they weren't trained for it. Waste of time and money, though they will credit me as I canceled right then.
  5. 2021 JL Steering - not a good thing

    My 2018 sucked with a big dead spot in the middle. New to us 2019 steers great, no play in the steering.
  6. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    Bought a jeep out of South Dakota a couple weeks ago, AAA said they could handle the California Registration. We didn't pay any taxes in SD.
  7. About to throw this in my JLU Sport S.. Will it be worth it? 2021 Rubi suspension take off.

    Did it to our 2018, got about an inch and a half. I'd do it again.
  8. Rubber Duck Rules?

    We got ducked for the first time last week at a small wedding near Omaha. We had an Orange sport for the past three years, my wife loved her jeep. Driver turned in front of her a couple months ago, totaled the jeep. Orange Unlimited Sports are not that common, we're in central Calif, found a...
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Well we just go home in California after picking up Great Punk'n II from South Dakota. Managed to pick up a ding in the windshield in a construction area in Nevada. Otherwise everything is great. Steering is much better on this one. After almost 2000 miles and driving 80 much of the time in...
  10. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Thanks, she's getting better, it certainly could have been a lot worse. The old one is gone, bent frame, cracked block and transmission housing, bent axle, and the bodywork. Found another one in South Dakota, should be picking it up next week. I should go order a Punk'n edition decal for...
  11. Had a Wreck 8-11

    It's totaled, they stopped counting at about 30K in repairs. We're getting paid out about 4k over what we paid for it in 2018. The other party has claimed responsibility so we'll see how it all works out. Just need to find another Orange unlimited sport. Currently looking at one in South Dakota.
  12. Had a Wreck 8-11

    Your's looks a lot better than my wife's, she had a similar accident at a similar speed. Bent the axle, cracked the block, bent the frame, damaged the transmission. She got a concussion and whiplash, will be off work for awhile.
  13. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Pretty much, but I don't want the turbo, she has a heavy right foot. I'd like a 2020 since they upgraded the steering box. Ours had a lot of slop in the center, like the pickup I had in high school with a bad steering box. Didn't bother the wife, drove me nuts when I'd drive it. Prefer to...
  14. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Well some dumbass decided to turn in front of my wife and killed her 2018 Punkn. It was officially totaled yesterday. I'm now on the lookout for an unlimited sport with low miles as she doesn't want any other color. She center punched a PU about 50mph. She's Ok, still very sore and off work...
  15. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    I was in Vegas this past weekend, there were some UGLY looking jeeps driving around.
  16. Government to look into steering issues

    We have two inches of free play in the steering, only other vehicle that I've had like that is a Ford F100 with a bad steering box. Seems pretty easy to quantify when you can move the steering wheel and there isn't any input to the wheels.
  17. Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts of oil in your JL?

    Yea, first oil change they were supposed to to a 5 tire rotation too. Didn't include the spare and put 45 PSI in the tires. I went in to let them know and they offered to correct the tire pressure. I don't them I'd do it myself since I have a calibrated tire gauge and could make sure it was...
  18. First time in Jeep Wrangler JL. Can't keep steering straight

    Wife has had hers just over a year, I don't drive it often but it wanders on the freeway, reminds me of my 72 F100 that had a bad steering box. Dealer says it's fine and there's nothing wrong with it. But they're idiots.
  19. Sourgrass Trail Run Dorrington, Ca 11/24/18

    I used to live up there, we always called it Rattlesnake. I'll need to go up and revisit it again later this year. Sourgrass was our swimming hole, then got into kayaking and it's the put in spot to head down river, take out at Big trees or at the dam below for a bit more risk/reward