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  1. Washington, D.C. Trade JLU black for white hard top

    I have a black JLU hard top that I would like to trade for a white one.
  2. Texas Selling/ trade All white hardtop with liner

    Would you be interested in trading your white for my matt black hardtop with premium hothead headliners?
  3. Safety Recall U62 reprograms the powertrain control module

    I didn’t have any problem before but when I brought her in for another repair, they said I should get this done... I hate fixing what’s not broken but hopefully it will be fine
  4. My new rear seat release

    The dealership actually broke mine when they were installing an upgrade... waited 2 weeks for the part and will be in the shop 4 hrs next week and I’m getting a loaner for the day
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    2 week new jlu and I'm on my 2nd small mod. (First was new wheels & tires) This is the Rydonair Antenna.... reception has not changed. My dog Elvis approves
  6. Mopar Roof Rack Spacing

    I think this is going to help me.... accidentally threw away my instructions! LOLOL
  7. SOLD...Mopar Removable Roof Rack Kit JL 4dr Part 82215387

    Hey, do you still have the instructions for mounting this? I lost mine.
  8. Bantam Jeep Fest

    That is cosmos blue
  9. Cross bar installation

    This is embarrassing but I’ve lost my instructions for the mopar JL cross bar installation. I’m sure it’s something dumb I’m overlooking but I don’t know how to make them wider so I can install them. Does anyone have the instructions or a video I could watch? Mopar 82215387
  10. What songs do you listen to in your JL?

    it gave me that Friday feeling to hear 311 as I peeled out of work parking lot in my new jeep today ... ✌
  11. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Looking for a recommendation for window tint installation. I'm in Great Falls.
  12. Length of JLU

    Just leave the garage door open in case of a hail emergency
  13. Wonderful downhill shifting behavior with 8 speed auto

    Ok, glad I’m not the only one who noticed this...I don’t not like it at all. I live in a very hilly area with winding roads and hills. I’m having a hard time getting used to how it shifts and it almost makes me nauseous because it doesn’t accelerate/decelerate on hills like most other vehicles
  14. Heads up for discontinued colors?

    I would like for them to do a forest green again. My first TJ in 1998 was green... to me it’s a classic jeep color, especially for Sahara’s.
  15. Black Hardtop TRADE White Hardtop

    They can be painted
  16. New JLU Sahara owner...thoughts so far

    I’ve had mine since Sunday... wider tires and correct tire pressure make a HUGE difference in the drive
  17. Think the 2018s will be valuable?

    If Jeep is sold to China motors then that might make 2018s more valuable... not rooting for that though :lipssealed:
  18. Interesting find on a JL Sahara

    I wish they would have swapped them on my Sahara step for rock rails... the damn things serve no purpose for me except to hit my legs on the way out!
  19. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Betty... Betty white - because I’m close to being a golden girl