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  1. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    My Tazer is showing a max boost of 16 PSI WOT at 850 elevation. Joe Z, on his tazer, is showing 23-24 PSI WOT...seems to be some variation
  2. GEN2 PnP Boost Gauge by Vaitrix | JL 2.0L

    I noticed you're pulling about 15.5 PSI. I am as well. There are quite a few others reporting 20-24 PSI
  3. Tazer Boost readings

    Hey guys, installed the Tazer update to display boost gauge and am getting a reading of 15-16 PSI at WOT at about 850 elevation. Joe was showing 23-24 at WOT on his. Wanted to start a thread for people to post their readings and see if we can get a trend going. Or, help those identify...
  4. 35s on a JLU Sport

    Because the gearing is so low in the transfer case and trans that you're pretty much redlining the motor at 5mph in 1st, which isn't really necessary for average strolls through the woods.
  5. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    The 48v location is in no more danger of being ripped off than the evap canisters were on the JKs. Did it happen? Sure, but it wasn't as widespread as everyone makes it out to be with these batteries. Unless you made the largest oops of your life, you'll likely deform the stock skid and go on...
  6. Recommended Dealers List

    Victory CDJR in KC. Will work with you more than any other dealer in area. 5% below, 399 dealer fee. Affiliates will increase to 6%. In and out, have an obstacle course to play on as well as various fundraisers for community in area Submitted changes to contact info through your map page as I...
  7. Rev limiter

    Mine shows 6k, but never gets that far
  8. Electrical issues first time off road

    Watching this thread. I've a good amount and haven't ran into this issue yet, though most of my time is spent in 1st gear and in a rubi that usually puts RPMs in the 2-3k range which should be more than sufficient to keep the charging system happy. I haven't had to use my winch yet so I dont...
  9. Rev limiter

    Yeah the cherokee and alpha are definitely more accurate to where it caps. Good info
  10. Rev limiter

    Right, but where your 2.0 needle is is where it limits. Won't hit the 6k. I'm assuming because at 5.3-5.4ish the turbo is maxing out and cant produce the air required above that
  11. Rev limiter

    Got ya
  12. Rev limiter

    I figured the 3.5k was a safety limit, just didnt think they'd set a 7k redline but top out at 5.5k
  13. Rev limiter

    I've noticed that the 2.0L doesnt completely redline. Redline shows 6.5k on the tach, but mine seems to hit 5.5k and abruptly stop. Doesn't rev bounce, just feels like I'm slamming on the brakes and hangs out there. Also notice in neutral and park its limited to 3.5k RPM. Are these by design...
  14. Auxiliary (AUX) Switches Configuration/Installation DIY

    I'm sorry to necro this thread, but while digging through the aux wiring under the glove box I came across a single green/white wire that is wire shrunk off, and seems to come from a different area than the aux switch bundle. Does anyone know what it is? I'm hoping it's a ground that I can use...
  15. 91 vs 87, real difference?

    The important question hasn't been asked. What's the upper limit in regards to the timing adjustment of the ECU? Can it advance enough to take advantage of 95 octane? 98? 104? E85 does wonders in turbo applications, if its tuned for it. I don't believe that the 2.0L is an e85 vehicle, but 3...
  16. Ethanol Test Kit--Results!

    If I could run e85 in my turbo I would in a heartbeat. Smiles per gallon, I want that octane rating
  17. JL Rubicon Axle Question

    Not bad about an inch of movement, kind of like a massage chair when I'm on the highway. Rotors and pads will be shot, for sure. Surprisingly no leak from the seal yet
  18. JL Rubicon Axle Question

    Nah I'm not going to even try. With what I do to this thing, my concious would eat me alive. I'll just wobble my ass to work until some aftermarket comes out
  19. JL Rubicon Axle Question

    They are listed as preorder, I contacted Spicer and they said itll be a few more months. Was going up an obstacle with a bit of speed and slid back down. Both rear tires instantly gained traction once they hit ground and lurched forward killing the jeep in the process. Guess it's better I bent...
  20. JL Rubicon Axle Question

    FWIW I bent both axle flanges on my rubi 3 weeks ago with 38s, and the only replacements are OEM at 400 a side