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  1. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Etsy...I was happy that it was the proper manual configuration and had some negative space so it wasn’t all solid vinyl

    I just put on 17” KMC XD FMJ’s on 35x12 KO2 last week on my stock lift Rubicon. Got the Falcons from the previous owner but it rides like a Jeep. I’m really happy with how this looks and performs in relatively stock form
  3. Locker won’t disengage with Tazer JL

    I got a hold of Joe and he got me an updated firmware that resolved the issue. It was only an issue for manual transmission JLUR’s so if you have a Tazer and a manual Rubicon I would contact them
  4. Locker won’t disengage with Tazer JL

    So I installed a Tazer for my upcoming 35s and wanted to ensure my Jeep functions the same as stock and as the Tazer allows me to (2WD Sway unlock, 4Hi lockers, etc). Well I found out that my F/R and Rear Only lockers won’t disengage when in 4Hi or 4Lo and when I hit the Off button I get the...
  5. Is there a hoist system being used here?

    It looks like a GarageSmart MyLIFTER system with a custom harness to lift the top. Costly but a freaking breeze to take your top off and is controlled by your phone via Bluetooth. I have one and it’s wonderful. The best $600 I’ve spent on a Jeep accessory
  6. How tall is your Jeep?

    i just measured my garage and it’s got a clear height of 82”. I’d be ‘safe’ with 78” so the 3.5 RK with 37s would be my absolute max with no light bar. 2.5” and 35s if I wanted a light bar
  7. How tall is your Jeep?

    I figured if people posted their setup they would know clearances with certain lifts. I personally want a 3.5” lift w/ 37s but with my garage opening height constraints I didn’t want to be surprised once I got it done The bugs aren’t terrible right now but they were in May. I’m just happy...
  8. How tall is your Jeep?

    I don’t know how often it is discussed but when lifting my previous Jeep I found that I had to be careful in certain places once I lifted it. Today, for my own personal knowledge I need to know how tall my Jeep will be before buying a Rock Krawler X Factor 2.5” lift + 35s on my Rubicon so I...
  9. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    I have the Teraflex adjustable stabilizer and tbh it’s wonderful. All 3 settings are noticeably different. Every day driving I use medium, if I’m highway only I use firm, if I’m feeling lazy then I use soft. The best part is that the Jeep already had it on there from the previous owner
  10. Top feature you wish the JL(U) had but doesn't

    Ventilated seats for leather trim...they already pump the AC to the back seat so why can’t they redirect some of it. Those seats get hot in the sun with the top off
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a GarageSmart Hoist. Had I watched the YouTube tutorial, it would’ve went a lot quicker at the end. However, the app is great and it’s super easy to install. Going to pull the top off tomorrow to dial it in
  12. New Jersey 2dr Falcon 3.3 shocks 0-1.5”

    I’m most likely selling my Falcon 3.3s like this for the longer lift version if you are still looking for these shocks
  13. Maryland FS: Falcon 3.3 Shocks 2-4.5” Lift

    I’m tempted buy these and sell the 0-1.5” ones that came on the used JLU I just bought. If I sent you a FedEx shipping label, would you ship them?
  14. Teraflex Nexus 2.2 Stabilizer is quite good

    So the recently new to me JLUR that I purchased over the weekend came with some solid suspension mods but 1 that I missed until yesterday was the Nexus stabilizer. Good thing, bc I was about to buy one since I felt like the steering was a little too loose for my liking on the highway...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I put on new wiper blades and used one of those fogging deodorizers and bombed the interior bc the previous owner smoked in it
  16. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    If I had a Punkin Orange JL, my plate would be SPCLTTE Been toying around with getting JWAGEN , N1733HM, or PWR WLS , hard to decide
  17. Florida Hutchinson Rock Monster Matte Black

    I might be interested in these. I’m in Sarasota so no need to ship Just depends on the condition they’re in. I’m new to the forum so I might not be able to PM
  18. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello all, recently got back into a Jeep after 8 or 9 years. Had a 07 2dr JK Rubicon on 35s and some other fun mods. I’ve been missing Jeep life and a manual SUV for some time now and I love how the JL looks in and out. I luckily found this one local to me that already had level kit and...
  19. Did I make a mistake getting a JLU instead of a JLUR?

    I just got back into a Wrangler after a 8 year hiatus. I had a 07 Rubicon and it was incredibly capable in stock form. Sure I put on a short arm suspension and 35s but for the money, it’s really hard to beat the options you get in a Rubicon if you aren’t doing a hardcore wheeling build. So...