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  1. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I'll tell you how I ended up on the JL forum. I have a JT and co-workers are aware. Fellow co-worker had his RAM truck in for service and they gave him a JL two door loaner. First thing in the morning he walks into my office and says "I got a loaner for my truck today at the dealership and they...
  2. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I didn't realize this was a thing on the JLs too? I should have guessed since I'm sure they use the same steering box. Hopefully you all are logging the problems with the NHTSA and DOT. That's the only way Jeep will be forced to fix them. I'm coming over here from the JT Gladiator side. Same...
  3. Drill Bits

    I appreciated the link and was interested in buying some...for the same reasons as you. But after doing some more research I found many people saying they couldn't even get in contact with the company. They don't have any contact information at all on their website which I do also find odd for...
  4. New York AEV Borahs + KM3s

    You would be better off just switching to less aggressive tires you want and just selling the KM3s. Those wheels with trim rings are expensive so you may as well keep them if they aren't the problem.
  5. Drill Bits

    Really bad reviews for this company online and not honoring their warranty...not everything made in the USA is awesome
  6. AEV Borah JL Beadlocks / Cooper STT Pro

    Have been looking for photos of a white JL or JT with the Onyx Borah's...FINALLY found one! Thanks. Confirmed I want these on my white JT. What size lift and how do they fit/rub?
  7. JL (2DR) For Sale, Four JL AEV Borah wheels in Galaxy Black

    If these were ONYX!! darn