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  1. Bronze Wrangler 392 Beadlock Wheels

    Does anyone know if these bronze beadlocks will be available for purchase through Mopar or dealership? I want them!

    So, I got under my passenger seat to see the wiring situation and noticed wiring coming from the seat back and seat. They are both connected to the main wiring harness. I want to think that they are heating elements, being that they are Rubicon leather seats, but could they be related to the air...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Can someone provide a pic of the under side of their seats showing the heated lower back and heated seat wiring? I want to see if mine are ready to go or not. I do have factory leather rubicon seats. My Jeep is in the shop and as soon as I get it back, I'm going to check to see if I have the...

    The dealership can add the sales code for heated seats and wheel. I confirmed with my dealership here in San Diego.
  6. Painting a textured hardtop

    I am about to tackle the job. I got a quote from a paint guy to paint it but I have to get it sanded down. I am a little nervous to start sanding away at it but I really don't like the textured look. I should have thought about this before I bought mine, but here we are. I will keep you posted.
  7. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Thanks @ReJeep'd, definitely keep us updated!
  8. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    rockscientist was stumped about the proximity sensor install and look what happened! We came together and made it happen!
  9. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Yes, the LED tail lights and there is also a jumper that I need to find the part number for. It's the connection between the BSM sensor (in the tail light) and the body harness.
  10. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Yep, the Tazer proved to be not the best option for the money. I too, got the proximity entry successfully installed! Love it. Jscan says that it shouldn't be a problem, just waiting to hear back.
  11. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    I have been working with JScan and they will be adding this to the app. I'll confirm once everything is successfully installed and working.
  12. JW Speaker Evo J3 Headlights for JL

    So I made the purchase and they work great! Just not the turn signals, yet which JW Speaker will be coming out with soon. I love them!
  13. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    With the success of the proximity entry retrofit install, I wanted to start a new thread on the Blind Spot Monitoring install. I have seen a few posts on members trying it or selling parts but nothing on the actual detailed install. From the information that I have gathered so far, you need the...
  14. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    I have been tracking this thread for a while, but now I'm a little confused. I have all the hardware (partially installed) but I don't have the Jscan. I have the TazerJL. I have contacted TazerJL and they don't have a solution yet for proximity entry. What am I missing?
  15. Rugged Ridge DRL for Factory Fender Chop LED

    I went with American Adventure Labs. Brit and his crew are awesome and I’m excited to get it installed!!
  16. JW Speaker Evo J3 Headlights for JL

    Thanks @jludave
  17. Rugged Ridge DRL for Factory Fender Chop LED

    I know! It's super frustrating but I feel like we're getting close because of the awesome installation video from [Banned Site]. Fingers crossed!
  18. JW Speaker Evo J3 Headlights for JL

    Okay, for those that have done their research on the fitment of the JW Speaker Evo J3 headlights on JL's know that it doesn't work. Even Quadratec stopped advertising that it fits JL Wranglers. I am hell bent on getting this to work on my 18 JLU rubicon for many reasons. Firstly, JW Speaker is...
  19. Rugged Ridge DRL for Factory Fender Chop LED

    Does anyone know when these will be available to purchase? I really like this set up compared to the American Adventure Lab. This looks more factory. I have the halogen DRL's and they look and perform like $%^&.
  20. AUX Switches wiring

    Much appreciated