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  1. Locking Pins for JL Tow Loops

    Has anyone come up with locking pins for the JL Two Loops. They are 7/8 in diameter and I have not been able to find any. I would like to lock the pins for added safety when towing.
  2. From Minnesota to the Southwest

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing. Excellent night photos. Do you know if there are fish in the rivers?
  3. Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY Writeup

    Thanks. Great pictures.
  4. Warn winch fairlead slips when winching

    Just installed the Warn Zeon 10s on stock metal bumper. I have the Warn filler plate, Cascadia Flip Up license plate holder and the Warn Fairlead. I tightened the heck out of the two bolts, but when using the winch line the fairlead moves a little. The fairlead does not fit tight against the...
  5. Quaranteen Cooking - What's cookin?

    you guys are killing me. Awesome recipes!
  6. Recommendations: Winch Plate + Winch for Stock Steel Bumper?

    I would like a picture of your battery disconnect if you get a chance. Thinking of adding one to mine.
  7. Install Warn winch on factory steel bumper - plastic filler plate?

    The plastic filler is off and now both sides of the winch are exposed to various debris. Is there something to cover the two sides? I could cut the filler, but not sure how to attach it. Or just leave it open?
  8. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    OK. Here is what they look like:
  9. Anyone Flat Towing with 35s? I Need Help

    JLRU with Maximus and Blue Ox. Havre 35's, but no lift yet. Works great.
  10. KO2’s and Rock Chips - Aftermarket Rock Sliders/Rails?

    I had the same problem with my 35 KO's. I went with Rocblokz XL and Go Rhino D6 on our Rubicon Unlimited in an effort to limit rock damage to the door hinges and rear fenders. They work great! Added bonus is that it makes a nice step for the grandkids. Just took a trip up to the mountains in the...
  11. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    Sooooooo glad I decided on the 3.6 instead of the diesel! Good luck with Jeep Cares. I didn't have any luck dealing with them on our Grand Cherokee!
  12. What's your favorite brand of sunglasses?

    Had many different, but now only MJ. Expensive with progressive lens, but they are the best. When we were in Montana my wife and I each bought a pair of MJ progressive as they have no sales tax in Montana which was a big saving on the glasses. FWIW, while my wife was trying on different pairs of...
  13. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    Just installed the Rocblokz XL and Go Rhino D6 on our Rubicon in an effort to limit rock damage to the door hinges and rear fenders. First test: Gave the jeep a nice wash after installation and headed into town. Just two miles down the road we hit road work with a mix of asphalt and mud. Drove...
  14. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    Corona Virus meet Lime Disease = Then you can have Corona with a Lime!
  15. Ordering a 2020 Rubi...why do I need the "upgraded" wheels (or don't I)?

    we like the stock ones better. wasn't worth the extra grand to us. and like most folks can upgrade the wheels in the future.
  16. California 2020 One 285/70/17 BFG Never on the road.

    Was spare off new 2020 Rubicon. Never on the road. Put 315's on when I bought the Rubicon. $185.
  17. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    yep. storage is a real issue in a lot of campgrounds.
  18. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    where did you get the locking pins?