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  1. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    I just did this adjustment for my 37" tires with the Mopar reinforcement. Took the tire off, loosened all 4 bolts on the tailgate just slightly then used some boards to prop up the tailgate on both hinge and latch side. Then I pushed the wood under the door latch side to lift it a little...
  2. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    Anyone who has received the update gone into the dealer mode to see the actual software version? Be curious to see if I got the update or I'm still waiting.
  3. All rotopax mount options

    I believe this is the company:
  4. Genesis Offroad Double Battery and ESS 6 Cycle Limit - Anyone with issues?

    I have the same issue. This is my thread: Without the Genesis system stop/start keeps working, with the system about 6-7 times it will disable. Not tied to battery charge or anything, "probably" because...
  5. Genesis Offroad Dual Battery Issue

    Mine still works until the 7th or so stop/start cycle of the drive. Turn off and start the Jeep again resets that number. Does yours work longer than that?

    The main issue for my tent the edges aren’t totally flat. The two straps to hold the PVC cover on are attached to the bottom side of the tent frame. The channel you slide one side of the PVC cover into would also be inaccessible, you couldn’t take the cover completely off as you can’t slide it...

    I was going to write up a bigger post on how I mounted my CVT tent on my pioneer platform but here are the highlights.... I basically added/drilled 6 new bolts through the tent and support bar and used the Rhino Rack eye bolt kit to bolt into. I first bought a piece of fiberboard so I could...
  8. JLU; Rhino-Rack backbone vs. Maximus

    Awesome! The pictures make sense. I may need to order my own now!
  9. JLU; Rhino-Rack backbone vs. Maximus

    Do you have pictures of the Maximus-3 brackets and the Stealth Hi-Lift Jack mount? I was interested in that but told they can’t both be installed at one time. On the rack itself I went with Maximus-3 as the brackets were shorter so it seemed the brackets could resist sideways forces better...
  10. Clicking noise from freedom panel

    I second using 303. All the places the freedom panels touch and possibly rub against the other parts of the hard top or doors. The 303 is nice and slippery to not hear the pieces move around. I do have to treat the top when I start to hear the noises again.
  11. Who has a Dometic/ARB fridge in the back?

    I was trying to make a sleeping platform inside my Jeep so I wanted a very slim fridge. I got a Dometic Coolmatic CD 30. Not really meant to be installed/removed frequently but pretty happy with the setup as the fridge is always installed and hardwired to my battery. It is on the left so I...
  12. Another RTT Post

    Love to see the details of what you did. Investigating mounting my own tent to my pioneer platform too!
  13. Genesis Offroad Dual Battery Issue

    Anyone with the Genesis Offroad dual battery kit have issues with the start/stop system? I have a 2018 on the latest Uconnect 8.4" software as far as I know. Usually during normal driving after about 6 stop/starts I get an error that disables the start/stop system until I restart the JL. When...
  14. cell phone boosters

    I used most of the advice from this guy... actually mount the antenna in the same place with a CB antenna mounting bracket. I purchased the same booster to help my signal as I travel but usually i...
  15. AT&T Connected Car LTE Unlimited Hot Spot, $15 instead of $25

    Nice! I use it for carrier diversification when I travel when my main carrier has weak or no signal. I was able to "Purchase More Data" to change my plan to the promo since I was an existing customer.
  16. Door Sill Guards That Actually Fit?

    I bought the Mopar ones as well. I also bought some door sill guard tape to protect the paint bits not covered. Can’t tell it’s there, I think others have used it to protect the leading edge of the door hinges that were getting chipped by road debris.
  17. So... how do you hang your fire extinguisher???

    I did buy it direct last year, I guess they changed it. The concern with the E50 is the diameter, might be too skinny for the maglight mount. Not sure where you could find the E100, maybe some other stores online will resell it?
  18. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    I just installed my kit with the gscreen. I tried to duplicate the picture they had in their product catalog. Wasn’t too bad to install although a bit difficult to bit all the bits behind the trim. I went really slow with a razor blade to trim... the trim. Lol
  19. So... how do you hang your fire extinguisher???

    I have the Maximus-3 flashlight mount on the passenger side with an Element E100. Snaps in just like a Maglight. Easy and quick access.
  20. Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System

    I installed the rack and later cut my headliners to go around the brackets. Using a razor blade it wasn't too difficult. I believe my rough measurements were 8cm from the outside of each headliner. I then cut out to 7.5cm from the outside for room of the actual bracket. I didn't see any...