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  1. Florida MOPAR Soft Top Storage Bag + vinyl windows

    Recently sold my 2019 JLU (needed a truck). I have a few things left over from it. Due to some damage received to the factory vinyl windows, I acquired another set (back window and side windows). They are MOPAR brand and fit the same as factory. Additionally I have the MOPAR soft top storage...
  2. This is how the Jeep craze started. Great Grandfather to the JL.

    So thats what that fold down window is really for...
  3. This 6 Speed is...interesting. just amazes me after the last couple Rubicons how this JLU can rev and still get 25 mpg. A great design so far!
  4. Jeep rear v.s. Tundra w/bull bar...and a word of advice.

    I was fine for the most part. I had already been fighting a pulled lat muscle so hard to say if it did anything to that. The "boom" upon impact was so loud that I had a pretty nice headache for a All in all, I'll take it.
  5. Jeep rear v.s. Tundra w/bull bar...and a word of advice.

    Been meaning to post this up for a couple months but haven't had time. A few months ago, I was rear ended in my not even 3 month old Jeep. I had been at a stop at the end of an off ramp that visibility is not great on. The light turned green and I was sitting with the clutch pushed in and...
  6. This 6 Speed is...interesting.

    Before I start...bear in mind this is going entirely off the screen that shows your immediate MPG...has the little green half circle for visual effect. So now that I've had my JLU w/6 speed for 5 months, I felt like I had firmly settled in with where I want to shift gears, essentially...
  7. Bikini Color - Anyone know when it will be pulled?

    I think they did pull Mojito already.
  8. How to keep mice out of my stored jeep...

    I'll second the dryer sheets. I put em in my Challenger while deployed for a year. Worked great.
  9. Bikini Color - Anyone know when it will be pulled?

    My wife loves my 2019 is Mojito and has caught the Jeep fever. Her favorite color also happens to be Teal. However, she is the primary kid hauler in her 2011 Tahoe. I'm debating surprising her with a new Bikini 2 Door Sport S...but will need a bit more time to pile up some cash. Does anyone...
  10. Should I trade my F-150?

    I just sold my 2018 F-150 because of major drivetrain problems (needed an engine rebuild at 8k miles....long story) I've had a lot of fun cars and a couple trucks. The Jeep is a great in between vehicle. Challengers/Mustangs/Camaro's are fun cars...but they are 1 dimensional. Trucks are good...
  11. 2019 New Owner initial impressions

    Congrats on the Jeep!!! I would say I mostly agree with all your impressions as well. Third gear is really impressive and I'm shocked at how versatile it is. Only thing I dont agree with is the steering. It does seem to be rather loose, especially at higher speeds. I had a 94 Bronco that...
  12. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    I really only plan to go to 33's when I do tires. And unless it drops 10 mpg, I'm still pretty surprised.
  13. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    Actually no...I went down Ft Eustis to 143 to 60 to the loop around Richmond. Williamsburg had the most lights. And yeah...manual w/3.6
  14. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    I recently traded in a 2018 F150 5.0 that got around 21 mpg highway and 16 mixed. I expected from my previous JKUR's that my mpg would drop significantly...or at least not get more than 16 daily commuting. I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I'm sure it has a bit to do with the 3.42...
  15. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    I think they had it on the 2.7 for a few years. The V8 just got it in maybe a first year issue kinda thing.
  16. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    It was enough for me to notice it every single time. I had to train myself to drive slightly different because of it. That was one of many issues I had with that truck. Hence...why I'm now in a Jeep.
  17. Am I the only one?

    I bought the green Jeep T-Shirt the parts dept had on sale... Its absolutely a thing. And if you ever decide to show it at car shows...all that stuff will be cool to have!
  18. Nostalgia...

    Hmmm...I think sometimes Jeep people get a bit lost in reality when they compare different Jeep models. Before this Jeep, I drove a 1994 Ford Bronco XL (not 1 single option on this thing...). V8, Stick, Open Diff. That bronco...had more road manners than my brand new 2019 JLU manual. I...