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  1. Backup camera not working and radio cuts in and out

    Thanks all for the replies. It did fix itself next time I drove it about 5 hours later at lunch. Hope this isn’t an ongoing thing. It has been fine otherwise. I appreciate the feedback
  2. Backup camera not working and radio cuts in and out

    Hello all I'm looking to see if anyone else had this issue. Car was fine last night I get in to go to work this morning and the reverse camera is just a blue screen. I tried it a couple of times still just a blue screen pops up. Also as I drove the radio cuts in and out. I tried it on satellite...
  3. Any interest in JL grille shirts?

    Thanks gonna get black
  4. Possible to Install Proximity Sensors?

    Damn ok. I tried searching and only found threads with people asking if getting it or problems with it. Thanks
  5. Any interest in JL grille shirts?

    I'm going to be ordering but I don't see black. is that gone?
  6. Any recommendation on replacing factory antenna?

    I got the rydoair 13" $18 dollars from amazon. I pretty much got it cause it had a red bottom to match the little red accents on the white rubicon. Its on the way once I put it on I can report on reception but I must say I haven't had fm or am on since I owned this jeep.
  7. Possible to Install Proximity Sensors?

    I screwed up and didn't think I would want the proximity entry but now I miss it. I drove an MDX for 9 years without it but my last 6 months have been in an Infiniti QX80 that had it and it really does come in handy. Im wondering if anyone has done this? Its not a huge deal to me but if its...
  8. New Rubicon Inspection?

    I just know what I ordered and made sure it was there. You don't remember what options you added? there isn't that many. Ive never put a car on lift and did my own inspection before delivery didn't do it this time. That seems a bit extreme. I walked around it made sure no scratches or dents in...
  9. Why did you choose that color? w/pics

    Same as me. I had zero intentions on a white Jeep and both times I test drove I got white ones and thought it looked amazing
  10. What is screen projection manager??

    Hello on have the 2019 a couple days and when i hit this app all I see is that my phone is connected. It also says phone mirror. Is this just for car play or is there a way to mirror my phone for videos and stuff like that? Like a true mirroring?
  11. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Drove an Acura MDX for 9 years started getting old so took my wife’s lease 2016 Infiniti QX80. Been driving that last 6 months goes back in February. Only pic I have is playing with my drone. Wife has the new 2018 QX80 now which we love.
  12. So do we know if the steering issues have been resolved on the 2019's?

    Only 60 miles on mine but no issues as yet. I too read about the death wobble and steering issues on here and it has me nervous. I test drove twice before purchase didn’t notice any issues then on the 2018. And now I have about 65 miles on my 2019 and haven’t noticed anything strange. It’s...
  13. Jeep Conquers Alaska's 7.0 Earthquake

    That’s great! Hope no one was hurt during that earthquake
  14. Got my 2019 Rubicon today

    I was dead set on silver until I went to test drive and both times I got an all white rubicon off the lot with the standard wheels. I kept saying I really like a white jeep. So when I decided to switch to white I felt like the black wheels added a little contrast from the white top and white...
  15. Got my 2019 Rubicon today

    So I ordered back in September and received delivery today. Everything went smooth. Only put about 10 miles on it so far but it’s rides great hope no future issues arise.
  16. Just Received my 2019 JL Rubicon Unlimited

    Looks great! I too went with all white exterior. Mine has been shipped says about 10 days to dealership. I went with the black interior and red dash though. I liked the red dash with the white exterior. Congrats again.
  17. 2019 Residuals (Jeep JL Wrangler) Just Came Out-- and they are weak

    Party of the reason I bought mine. The lease didn’t seem very attractive. I keep my cars long anyway though. They were offering 4.25 to finance. I just bought it outright.