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  1. BFG KM3 Impressions

    Love my 35s but going to 37s. Only other tire I thought agout are Nittos, but they are a lot heavier so i am sticking with the KM3s for my 37s
  2. Method Race Wheels... 701, 703, or 704? (In matte black)

    I have 701s in flat black love them
  3. Element Fire Extinguisher location and mounting.

    I have 3 two 100s mounted on the Back bone supports behind rear passenger seats and a next to the fridge in the back
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Last week I had Wouxun KG1000g GRMS mobile radio installed, putin the Dometic Fridge and Plug, hard wired the Oracle cargo light and put on a Bush Company 270 XT awning
  5. Oracle cargo light

    Finally got around to getting rid of the wiring mess had a Dometic fridge socket installed for the frideg and the oracle hardwired with a switch much better that the cig lighter socket with triple
  6. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    I have them on mine, so far they have been great, protect and save weight
  7. Dealership warning.. rope a dope..

    I think there is a reason for that, if they do not know anything about the cars they sell they cannot admit or acknowledge that one car, model, option or brand is a better performing choice or a better value, ignorance is bliss. Over the many cars I have bought over the years, there have only...
  8. Dealership warning.. rope a dope..

    Also to be honest I did not have the best time with a few Jeep dealers, looking for my jeep, I find a lot them treat you like you do not know what you want so they can sell what they need to, as always buyer beware
  9. Dealership warning.. rope a dope..

    Your experience was not good I agree, I just was trying to point out that sometimes it is not an all or nothing deal, it is a people business and there are some good and bad people at a lot of dealers, I happen to luck out this time. 5 years ago when I was buying a BMW M3 from a dealer that was...
  10. Dealership warning.. rope a dope..

    Sorry about hearing this, I had a good experience with them last year, but my jeep was bought knowing it was being shipped in. The only mistake with mine was the one they wrote up was the wrong vin, off by one number, which we did not realize until I was about to take delivery, so that took...
  11. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    Until I bought2019 JLUR last year, I always had two vehicles one being the 99 Toyota Landcruiser I owned for 21+ years, ( it is now with one of my so-in-laws ) and some type of fun to drive fast cars, the last three being a highly modified Subaru STI, The a Nissan GTR and the last one was a BMW...
  12. Jeep dogs in quarantine.

    My two Aussies girl wondering when we are riding in the jeep again, Osa on the left is 6months, Sasha is 4 years old
  13. Installing a Teraflex 2.5 in Sport ST2 lift W/Falcon SP2 3.1 shocks

    Sorry I cannot help you with any tips but I will tell you I love my Teraflex 2.5 St2 lift on my 19 JULR only difference is I want with the 3.3 shocks , I sure the install will go well. I have a Rock Hard 4x4™ Aluminum Patriot bumper as well, saves a bunch of weight
  14. Aux switches. What's on yours?

    1: ARB twin compessor 2: Pod lights on A pillars 3: driving lights on bumper hoop 4: Rear lights in bumper
  15. Oracle cargo light

    Are you asking about how it works with the cig socket? It would be fine to just plug it in and leave it, but since that plug is independent of the ignition switch, and do not want to change that. I decided to plug a tree socket adapter in with a on and off switch for three reasons. First the...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It is about an 1" thicker
  17. Oracle cargo light

    at night
  18. Changed my lights on the bumper hoop

    Thank you, love the lights super bright and more what I wanted than the last pair of flood/spots I had a wiring harness already installed from the last set of lights mounted there, it is only a two wire setup, in order to run the daylight function separately on these requires a three wire...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    not really basically the same size as the cover it replaced, could be a little thicker. The iphone lens is a bit of a wide angle I can measure it tomorrow
  20. Oracle cargo light

    Installed the Oracle Cargo light