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  1. About to do an axle swap, what am i missing?

    I currently have a 19 JLU Sahara and just picked up a set of D44 takeoffs from a 21 Rubi. So far I've picked up 2 Mopar axle wiring harnesses, front and rear truss', and some paint to make sure I don't trust out during the winter. From what research I've done the D44 should be a plug and play...
  2. Where is/what is the ishaft bolt on a JL?

    Thanks! Do you by any chance know the torque spec for that bolt
  3. Where is/what is the ishaft bolt on a JL?

    Is there a diagram that shows where it is exactly?
  4. Where is/what is the ishaft bolt on a JL?

    Got Jeep back from tsb fix, steering just as sloppy if not worse. Torqued the steering box bolts to 99ftlbs. Hearing something about an ishaft bolt needing torque that may help tighten things up.
  5. Got the Steering TSB done but...

    I got the tab done on my 19 JL yesterday, can confirm the vehicle tracks straight but still drives like a Jeep. It's definitely less work to keep the vehicle in the lane, still requires some input here and there but overall it's better. The only thing I found weird is that that 2'' play zone in...
  6. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Sweet rig! How do you like the mudflaps? Was thinking of ordering a pair this weekend
  7. Should my rear springs look like this?

    Figured as much. Had a shop install the lift, taking it back tomorrow to have it fixed
  8. Should my rear springs look like this?

    Recently installed a ranch 3.5” lift kit. I’ve been hearing some loud scraping whenever I hit a big bump. Checked my rear springs and to me it looks like they aren’t completely seated or indexed?
  9. Amber DRL possible?

    Do I need some sort of adapter to connect the app to the obd2 port?
  10. Amber DRL possible?

    is there anyway to turn the fender lights on the JL to an amber drl? I was looking into buying a tuner but didn't know if any on the market had this option, I hate the white colour as it doesn't match the brightness of the halo ring.
  11. JL lower sway bar bolt size?

    Need to get a replacement bolt for both front lower sway bar endlinks. Anyone know the size and length?
  12. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Are you stock or lifted? Im from Canada as well, went to 2 different dealerships both of which told me because im lifted and have larger tires they can't do the TSB. My lift and tires are causing the steering wander they say..lazy bastards
  13. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    I just bought this and installed it. Tire shakes a lot when closing the tailgate and when driving on bumpy roads you can see the tire wiggling slightly from side to side. How do you find yours, any shake at all? The lug plate also requires you to reuse the oe bolts and they stick out so the tire...
  14. Anyone know if there is a part # for this

    I just need the lug plate, was at the dealer and they were telling me I may need to buy the entire carrier assembly.
  15. Fabtech vs Skyjacker

    I thought of that. But then I was wondering if I start putting together a lift with a bunch of different components am I going to have any figment or clearance issues. If not then yea I’d just buy some higher quality springs and bump stops from RK and grab the bilsteins with it
  16. Fabtech vs Skyjacker

    Already running metalcloak UCA's. Caster sitting at about 6.5 degrees on my 2.5'' budget boost
  17. Fabtech vs Skyjacker

    Hi all - having a hard time deciding between these 2 lifts. Haven't heard much about fabtech lifts and how they hold up, but I like that its a 3'' as I don't want to go to a 3.5 on my Sahara. The skyjacker lift is one I keep getting recommended if im not trying to spend a lot of money, but I;ve...
  18. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    did you have any issues with alignment on the latch side once this was installed? I just threw mine on 2 days ago, everything lined up perfectly until I opened the tailgate. I get a small drop (assuming it’s tire weight) but it was my expectation that the carrier would eliminate any droop. I...
  19. Loud clicking/banging noise when performing low speed turns

    thanks for the vid. this is exactly what I'm experiencing, I'm taking it to a local shop Friday to have them check it out. Lets hope its a simple lightning and done
  20. Loud clicking/banging noise when performing low speed turns

    2019 JLU, 2.5 RC spacer lift, all components are stock with the exception of the UCA & front track bar. I recently added some metalcloak UCA's & front trackball to help with my caster & recenter the axle. I made sure all bolts were torqued to spec, and tightened the jam nuts and paint marked...