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  1. Aftermarket LED headlights and fogs
  2. Upgrade stock 2018 JL lights?

    Those look GREAT!!!!
  3. Quake LED: Headlight and Fender Chop kit Combo

    THose look GREAT!!!! Looks like that was a FUN day!!
  4. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Weird, I thought it was for JL sequential turn signals and DRL... My bad...
  5. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Well, check these two links out from Quake LED. We have what you need!!!
  6. Under bar driving lights

    If you head over to you will see all the work lights we have available. We have the round lights you need!
  7. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

    Now THAT'S a good idea!!!!!
  8. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    To me, most of the colored options are for cosmetic reasons; while the white does get used. I would say mostly it depends on the color being used and the person using it. People in sandy, rainy, foggy or snowy areas will 100% use amber lighting quite often, perfectly legal and provides an...
  9. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    Again, Thank you for your input.
  10. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    That is a very good question, that we get quite often. Something that I think is neat about our LED lighting is that there are three factors to running more lighting. 1. Fun- It's cool... LOL 2. Function- it is light, you can utilize it for anything. 3. Safety-there are so many distracted...
  11. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    We appreciate your input, Thank you!!
  12. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    We do not NEED to offer a lifetime warranty, no need to. We manufacture all of our own products, so we control every aspect of our quality. Our lights are very nice and we take pride in our quality. Our products are all tested, retested and perfected. Thank You.
  13. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    We have tested this quite extensively. Since we are the direct manufacturer, we are able to test, retest and make perfect all of our products. We take care of our customers.
  14. 2019 JL Rubicon - Blinded in medium snow conditions - Help!

    You are needing an amber light to cut through the snow. Go to our website and look at our Magma series. The Magma series offer white or amber light. That will help for sure!
  15. Quake RGB HD Halo LED Headlight Demo

    Thank you for posting this video!
  16. LED Light Bars vs Pods

    No matter if you want a lightbar or pods, we, here at Quake LED, have what you need!!
  17. Under carriage LED light strips

    Go to our website We have what you need!!
  18. Aftermarket LED headlights and fogs

    Check out our website! Ours are Plug And Play!
  19. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    We, here at Quake LED, offer many different 50" light bars. Here is a link to all of our 50" light bars. We offer many different design features, depending on the series of the lightbar. We have dual or single row, arced, color changing, etc. Please check our website out and contact us for any...
  20. Let there be light - Quake LED that is. Review

    Now THAT looks GREAT!!!!