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  1. California 1.75" SpiderTrax Wheel Spacer [$100]

    Corrected! Sorry for the confusion folks!
  2. California Sold: Microsoft Surface Pro-X [$650]

    Hello, I am selling 1yr old "Microsoft Surface Pro-X" for $650.00 We purchased in July 2020 from the Microsoft website and my wife wants an Apple MacBook. Local Pickup Preferred but willing to ship if you provide the shipping label (UPS or FEDEX) Tried to take as many pictures as possible...
  3. California Steel Side Steps [$100]

    Selling Iron Cross steel side steps for $100 Located in Rosemead, CA Pickup Only / Cash Only
  4. California 1.75" SpiderTrax Wheel Spacer [$100]

    Selling 1.75" SPIDERTRAX Wheel Spacer for $100 Local Pickup Only (Rosemead, CA) Cash Only
  5. California PYPES EXHAUST [$40]

    Selling 2 days used PYPES Exhaust for JL. Bought it from Northridge 4x4 and installed it on my JL. My wife & daughter couldn't handle the exhaust sound coming from so ended up took it out and stored it in the garage. Local Pickup Only (Rosemead, CA) Cash Only $40.00
  6. California [SoCal] Selling Misc parts

    Price dropped
  7. California [SoCal] Selling Misc parts

    The first one's model# is DR560GW-2CH (I used to have the rear camera too...but can't find it anymore). The second cam's model# is DR400G-HD
  8. California [SoCal] Selling Misc parts

    I purchased it from Amazon but looks like it is no longer available. This is meant to be an "offroad phone mount".
  9. California [SoCal] Selling Misc parts

    Hello all, Sadly...I am letting my JLUR go and selling few parts that I have. I think the prices are fairly reasonable but if you guys think that I charging too much.....let me know. I am located in Rosemead, CA (near 60 freeway by the Monterey Park / Montebello). Local Pickup Only 1...
  10. Rowher Flat Trail - First Time

    Need some folks advices who has experience of Rowher Flat Trail. I have stock JLUR only been to Cleghorn trail 4 to 5 times (some reason..hard for me to find a group) by myself. I want to try new trails and found Rowher Flat Trail. Trying to go on this weekend...again by myself. Can someone tell...
  11. California DeeZee JLU Roof Rack

    PM sent.
  12. Eastside Los Angeles - JLUS stock front bumper FREE

    Hello there, Do you still have the JLU stock side steps?
  13. 2018 Wrangler JLU Rubicon Water Leak

    Hi, I have 2018 Wrangler Rubicon JLU hardtop parked in front of my house. Here in LA, we did have some heavy rain since last week. While I was washing my car, I noticed that there were water dripping mark next to the plastic sill on the driver side. I lifted the rubber floor mats and the carpet...