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  1. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Anyone trying to upgrade their stereo? I’ve got a custom sub box, amp rack, and pac Amppro for sale
  2. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I had a stealth box in my ram. Definitely underwhelming especially for the price. I used a JL 10w3 in a custom box in my JLU and sound 10x better. I’m installing another JL 10w3 in my BMW this weekend in a sealed box. Hoping that bumps too.
  3. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I just used the harness that attached off the Amppro and ran those to my amp while keep my stock wiring in place. I just got speaker wire and cut them to about 20ft lengths and attached them to the harness to run to the amp in the back. The whole carpet lifts up pretty easy to keep everything...
  4. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    AP4-CH41 (R.2)
  5. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Sold my Jeep and turned back to stock. Still have my Rough Country speed calibration tool. Set the setting back to stock so it is unmarried. Works with JLs and Rams. Does make a big difference. I couldn’t get into 8th gear with 315s until I calibrated. Asking $100
  6. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Just traded in my Jeep and will be selling my pac Amppro non-alpine I’ve also got a custom sub box and amp rack for the JLU. I would sell the sub box and amp rack locally in AZ. Willing to ship Pac Amppro.
  7. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Anyone looking at upgrading their stereo in the JLU? Just sold my JLU to Vroom and pulled out all the aftermarket parts. Most have sold but I’ve got my stereo stuff specific for the JLU. I’ve got the pac amppro for the non alpine unit. Make it super easy to connect and wire amps. I also have a...
  8. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    They are sold
  9. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    I can do $350. I work from home so I’m available whenever. I’ve got a game tonight so I’ll be gone from 6:30-8.
  10. Arizona Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    Tempe off McClintock and baseline
  11. Arizona JL Steel bumper with LED fogs and steel skid plate

    Prefer to deal local. The bumper is big and heavy and would probably negate any savings you would have.
  12. Arizona Sold: Oracle Oculus 9” headlights

    Sold the Jeep and selling my Oculus headlights. Have a DRL halo and projectors. 100x brighter than stock. Easy to wire up still look new no damage or scratches.
  13. Arizona JLU stereo upgrades for non alpine

    This setup will come with everything you need to start your custom setup with your JLU. The first is the PACAmp Pro. This is the easiest way to run amps without any cutting or splicing and your able to easily return back to stock. Next is a custom sub box (no sub) for a 10”. I had a JL 10w3 but...
  14. Arizona Sold: JL Steel bumper with LED fogs and steel skid plate

    Selling my JL to Vroom and selling off my stock parts. Have a steel rubicon bumper with LED fogs. Also have adapters for the fogs so they do not flicker with non LED JLs. Looking to get $800.
  15. Arizona Sold: Trade aftermarket for stock JL

    I’m selling my JL to Vroom and going back to stock. Looking at trading/selling my 17x8 Method wheels with 285/70 BFGoodrich All Terrains. Tires have less than 5k on them. 5 total spare never used. Trade plus cash or sell outright for $1200.
  16. JL resale values are insane!

    This thread had me looking as well. Paid $36k for my 2019 JLU. Carvana offered me $38k. Owe about $15k since I had a lot of trade equity from my Ram. Very tempted to sell. I was work from home before the pandemic so I don’t drive a lot and have 2 cars. My other car is a 13 Boss 302 LS. Don’t...
  17. Arizona 2019 Rubicon JLU suspension

    Bump. Free to the first person to come get them. Need to come in your jeep. Not trying to give them to someone else so they can sell them. I’m in Tempe and no I will not meet you.