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  1. 4Xe, electric range is 26 miles.

    Well, don’t have reasons but I am enjoying 26 miles range daily. And it drives to 26 miles. Does Anyone else have same or more?
  2. Electric cooking/stove for 4xe?

    150 watts is my concern too.. but wasn't sure if something exists that works on 150W. well plugging higher watts into that may burn all fuse or internal wirings.
  3. Electric cooking/stove for 4xe?

    Yes any induction stove for 110v plug while Jeep is running?
  4. Electric cooking/stove for 4xe?

    any suggestion on 1 burner stove that can work on 4xe plug?
  5. 6500+ miles on 4xe

    Thanks to the person (possibly another Jeep traveler) who gave me blue duck at Last stop gas station in AZ. To be honest, driving Jeep on highway with other Jeep’s in row is very connecting. And I learned Jeep wave. I saw many fellow Jeep drivers did slow down and drive in row to see 4Xe. And...
  6. 6500+ miles on 4xe

    On highway at 75+ cruising mode it was 19 mph. Overall 18.3 mph till now. Sadly I did not charge jeep anytime but I used max regen to help me slow down during mountain curves and slopes. one problem I noticed was during adaptive cruise mode FCW ACC will pop up and despite regular windshield and...
  7. 6500+ miles on 4xe

    This Jeep is The off-road Beast even in stock features, I am glad to choose 4xe as my first off road vehicle. I did few 100 miles off roads in Utah, NV, AZ and trails and it did not disappoint at all. will write more soon..
  8. how to keep 4xe height under 82" with rooftop tent?

    Skycamp mini weighs 125 lbs or 57 kg. I see this is the best option to dismount it in between use or park on driveway for short term (or rent a storage unit, xXX expensive). and/or find something lighter RTT option. definitely Rhino backbone system is the choice of rack. yup.. need to have...
  9. how to keep 4xe height under 82" with rooftop tent?

    would deflating bead lock wheels (to 8 psi) while parking in garage is practical and long term? i thought of having air compressor anyways. can that be helpful cutting off few inches?
  10. how to keep 4xe height under 82" with rooftop tent?

    pickle situation.. i totally missed that 73.5 inch tall 4xe, with 3.5" lift, 37 inch tires, and roof rack with hard shell tent (was planning to put ikamper mini) is going to be over 82.5 inch garage entrance. Any suggestion/workaround to control height? if parked on driveway, going to hail...
  11. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    here you go. Pic from Blue Ridge pkwy
  12. 4xe issues

    I drove Rubicon 4xe 1500+ miles in last two weeks from Washington DC to Dallas. amazing drive on skyline drive, blue ridge pkwy, Smokey mountains. it is absolute pleasure to use 4xe's max regeneration on mountain drive. with max regen on, step off the gas and jeep will loose speed fast just...
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    i got same email, my 4xe order date is 1/30. seems like just a mass email to all 4xe customers having ordered a vehicle
  14. Best 4XE Dealers?

    to avail FED EV Tax credit, do i must need to purchase vehicle in same state i live in? i guess, answer is no. but just wanted to recheck.. Thanks in advance.
  15. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    Can you share email/ contact to request a quote? Attached is my build, not sure what should be a decent price to lock. I am hoping to put an order within few days.