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  1. Metalcloak front outboard shock mounts

    Is it necessary to install the outboard front shock mounts when doing metalcloak 2.5 game changer? Not using 6-pack shocks. What is the benefit of these spacers or moving shock lower mount outward?
  2. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    For those that did install. How did you torque down rear upper control arm axle side bolt? I waited till it was back on ground and there is hardly any room in there between bumpstops. Just ended up wrench it down as much as I could, but not sure on what I got it torqued too. Any recommendations?
  3. Broken Bolt while Installing LOD Destroyer

    I can access the top. Not a ton of room. I thought about trying to punch it out, but it seems on there pretty good. May try to punch it first if that doesn't work then drill it out. Off to find a replacement nut and bolt.
  4. Broken Bolt while Installing LOD Destroyer

    Here are the pics. It is a stud, tacked in place. I do not think the existing piece is fixable, so either go to dealer to replace or drill out at try and fix it with a nut and bolt from hardware store.
  5. Broken Bolt while Installing LOD Destroyer

    I over torqued the nut and snapped the bolt. Was installing with impact gun and had on the wrong setting and snapped it while tightening. It was dumb and just working fast and not paying attention. I was thinking about drilling it out and getting a new bolt/nut and some washers. It seems the...
  6. Broken Bolt while Installing LOD Destroyer

    When installing the LOD Destroyer sliders, I broke one of the bolts. In the center and rear of the jeep next to body bolts, there are two smaller bolts. Made a stupid mistake while installing and snapped one of these bolts. It is the two bolts labled A in the diagram. Any idea how to fix or...
  7. FL Mojito

    FL Mojito

  8. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    How does the spare fit? Did you change stock tire carrier or rear bumper to fit the 315's?
  9. Any Stubby bumpers that accept Sport Fog lights?

    Do you have any pictures of the bumper? Looking at this one. Easy install?
  10. Favorite 35” Tires for Off-roading and daily use? Ready.. GO!

    How is the wear on the Patagonias?
  11. Jeepnick’s JLUR build

    How are the Milestar's holding up?
  12. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    That sounds a lot like what I am planning on doing. I was thinking of doing the Falcon 2.1 or Bilstein. Looking forward to seeing some pics?
  13. ‘18 Black JLUR - NEW 39” BFG KM3 & Rotiform SIX 17x9, RK X-Factor 3.5” w/ Kings, Road Armor Flares

    Have you put on the EVO tire carrier? Was thinking about going this route too, but might be overkill if only going to 35s.
  14. Tampa Shop Recommendation

    Looking for recommendations for a shop in Tampa Bay area for lift install and regear. In the New Tampa area but would travel a little for a quality shop.
  15. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Does anyone have pics of the Metalcloak 2.5 lift with 35's yet?