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  1. '19 Sahara JLU seat covers

    Do you still have these seat covers? And if so how much?
  2. Anyone know how to remove top dash trim? (Piece closest to windshield)

    I’ve seen a video on removing all other dash pieces except for this piece. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. 2018 JL Wrangler 4dr Black Hardtop for Sale

    Any chance you’d want to trade for a softtop?
  4. JLU (4DR) Trade black JLU tinted soft top for hard top

    Yes, still looking
  5. WTB soft top

    It’s standard black diamond. 35904
  6. WTB a new premium soft top for a 2018 JLU. Near North Carolina. Will travel

    I have a standard that’s in excellent condition in NE Alabama. Not sure if you’d be interested but I’d take 1000 for it.
  7. WTB soft top

    I’m not sure what your price range was but I could do $1000.
  8. WTB soft top

  9. WTB soft top

    Willing to drive to Bama by chance?
  10. California WTB sail cloth 4dr JL soft top

    I have one for sale in Alabama. Any chance you’d consider paying for shipping?
  11. Alabama JLU Sailcloth Soft Top for Sale (AL)

    PRICE: $1100
  12. Alabama JLU Sailcloth Soft Top for Sale (AL)

    Sailcloth soft top off of a 2018 JLU. Pickup only in northeast Alabama. Used but in excellent condition. Less than 7k on Jeep. Includes door surrounds and hardware. $1300.
  13. Texas FS: JLU Black Hard top w/ Harken Hoist $1800

    How much for it?
  14. Indiana WTB: JLU Premium Soft Top

    Any chance you have a hard top you’d be willing to trade?
  15. WTB: JLU 4DR Soft Top (Boston-area)

    I have a soft top in excellent that I wouldn’t mind selling. Would you be okay with paying for shipping since I live in Alabama?
  16. WTT: Soft Top for Any Color Hard Top

  17. WTT: Soft Top for Any Color Hard Top

    Yes I still have it. I live in Northeast Alabama though, not sure how far/where you’d want to meet.