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  1. Report: Towing Near Max Rating.

    Chevy Tahoe has a shorter wheelbase too.
  2. Top/Doors Off Corona Question

    I wouldn’t downplay this from happening when driving:
  3. Rubicon rims/tires on a Sahara

    1 1/2” spacer
  4. Bump stops or new shocks after 1.5in spacer lift

    I have it and decided to pass on the longer shocks knowing that if I hit trouble, I can always replace. Knowing that, I’m also not in an area where I rock climb - mostly just trails so I knew going in I wouldn’t have huge articulation. So far I’ve had zero problems.
  5. Almost Spun Out - What Went Wrong?

    I’ve got Geolander G003’s with the triple polymer blend and have not had this issue with spinning out. Truth be told though, I’ve never tried to find the wet limits of the tires/Jeep either.
  6. 2020 JLU Sahara with Rubicon wheels and tires

    I did the same upgrade and can say: 1) I average 18 now down from 20.5-21 2) I wouldn’t say bouncy. Floaty maybe? 3) @ 65 I’m rolling at 67.44
  7. Brand new jeep (300km/186mile) getting a single click/clunk sound when applying throttle at 30-40km

    While I have a manual, I can force my Sienna into making a thud in rolling semi-aggressive throttle inputs. I chalk it up to a little drivetrain slack and I know that it will only do it if I drive it more aggressively. Been that way for as long as I can remember and it’s barreling toward 200k...
  8. New Mexico Mopar All Weather Floormats for sale

    if he’s not, I am. I’m in Tampa.
  9. so you replaced your stock tires and ....

    No issues wet or dry and they are the quietest MT I’ve ever had. Even the wife asked why the Jeep was so quiet after I put them on. To some, the lack of noise is a turnoff but I daily mine and use the Bluetooth so the quieter tires were a plus for me. I’ll be curious how they wear but they’re...
  10. so you replaced your stock tires and ....

    I went from stock Sahara A/T’s to 295/70/17 Yokohama Geolander M/T G003’s and love them.
  11. What option do you regret not getting? By popularity!

    Steel bumpers but I can do that aftermarket. Sometimes I miss leather but then I remember I’m driving a convertible in Florida with little kids so...I guess I still don’t regret getting cloth yet.
  12. Whats your gas mileage?

    ...and a few more weeks into the daily grind we’re stuck at 18.2. Guess I’ll take that for what I’ve done to it.
  13. Fogs On or Off When Driving?

    Off unless I need them for fog. Think I’ve turned them on once to see if they worked.
  14. Is the Stock Windshield that weak?

    The Jeep is the only one of my cars that doesn’t have a bad windshield.
  15. Rubicon rims/tires on a Sahara

    Well, I did it too, like the rest of you all. Looks great I think. Funny thing is when I got it home, my 5 1/2 y/o told me they weren’t big enough. She wanted to see something closer to (what she raised her hand up to be) around 37’s, LoL! These are 295/70/17 so roughly 33.6’s.
  16. Forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency breaking (AEB) malfunction??

    I’m surprised to read a lot of this. I have mine and and I have the active braking option selected however I’ve never experienced the emergency braking. I will get the occasional loud warning, usually in two different circumstances. First is if I’m coming up to a line of cars without slowing...
  17. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    I felt like it. Tried buying one a couple other times over the course of my driving years. Got tired of asking for help when I got my (truck-based) Explorer stuck hubs deep several times. The time was right so I pulled the trigger.
  18. Whats your gas mileage?

    update time. Went from stock (above) to a 1.5” spacer lift and Rubicon wheels with 295/70/17 M/T’s and I’m down to around s 19-19.5 mixed.
  19. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    I backed down off of the idea of going 275/70/18 with the stock wheels and went down to a rubicon 17 I found online that I couldn’t pass up and did 295/70/17. I have no rubbing, likely because I went down to the 17. The tires are Yokohama Geolander G003. I also have no spacers but do have a...