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  1. Store Hardtop in 8ft ceiling garage and still park in garage

    There is not enough space for the jack. We have a shelf that already overhangs the jeep a little.
  2. Store Hardtop in 8ft ceiling garage and still park in garage

    Yes it requests manual lift. But the hoist let’s me lower the frame onto the floor to place the top. When hoist isn’t in use I clip them together to stay out of the way. I could add the hooks but I don’t like the concept of four acute pressure points on the top. It will torque over time. That’s...
  3. Store Hardtop in 8ft ceiling garage and still park in garage

    Greetings JL, we faced a dilemma of needing to store the hardtop under where the garage door retracts up. So you can't simply drop down a hoist because of the garage door needing to open. So we engineered what I think is a great solution. We built a rack that spans the garage door width (8ft)...
  4. Window Tint Photo Compilation Master Thread

    I went with 3M Crystalline 20%. It was a perfect match for color and darkness. Of course it’s the most expensive tint to buy.
  5. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    4800 miles. Steering is awesome. JLR, sticker generated 7/4/2018. It seems the assembly folks were NOT partying on Fourth of July. :)
  6. Let's see photos of where you mounted your fire extinguisher!

    I’m new to jeeps, so I have to ask...what activity does one do in a jeep that warrants being equipped with a fire suppression system? Did jeeps is yesteryear catch on fire and now it’s tradition?
  7. Wrangler vs gladiator

    For our garage we would likely have to strip it clean and I mean move fridge etc. to fit a gladiator. I'm not sure you'd be able to walk around it. I hope people that intend to park it in their garage measure the length of their space. Although if the spare is underneath that may offset the...
  8. How many miles until your first windshield rock chip?

    I can imagine how frustrating that must have been.
  9. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    I am maticulous on these things. Based on my monitoring for over 4000 miles on our JLR, I would bet the the reported MPGs is on flat or nearly flat terrain. Also, living in the PNW, I think the switch in fuel additives in winter hurts mileage. After 1k (August 2018) or so our mileage in town was...
  10. JL Windshield Sunshade

    I am ordering tomorrow! See COVERCRAFT....what a quality product will yield? So lame they have been. Given my past experience (knowing I have been a repeat customer) magnifies their failure. Thank you Ace! I haven't taken the time to source a real custom product.
  11. JL Windshield Sunshade

    I have posted in the past, I'll do it agin here. Cover craft USED to make custome. They have not or have gotten sloppy for a number of years noticed in 2006 for my BMW X5. The next confirmed with 2009 mercedes. Covercraff is crap wrt custom. AVOID COVERCRAFT. They have never addressed this issue...
  12. Hello From JeepCares

    I have and at this point they are rectifying. They investigated and admitted they had a failure in process at a couple of points that resulted in my experience. Did they learn and address the failure? Time will tell. But at this point I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. However...
  13. Report: Pentastar V6 may be replaced by inline turbo 6 cylinder engine

    Have been an owner of BMW inline six cyclinder engines, that are rock solid. Low maintenance, etc. Turbo is a different question. When one mentions "turbo" the engine then becomes perishable. Why get lazy inserting a turbo to meet specs? Clearly it can be done with good engineering design.
  14. Hello From JeepCares

    Thanks Dan for the guidance. But I have resigned from doing maintenance myself for more than a decade. And after owning a Ford, Toyota, BMW, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Dodge, Lincoln, now Jeep. The jeep has been the only brand I have experienced such bad service. Well...Porche dealership service...
  15. Good dealers for Service in Seattle Area?

    Well let me add to this thread. Kirkland rairdon sales guy lied to our face when ordering our jeep, so didn't order from them. Autonation Bellevue Porsche has been a shit show for more than two years so we didn't go to autonation Bellevue jeep (that may change) because of same ownership...
  16. Hello From JeepCares

    Greetings @JeepCares, I regret that I was just a victim of fraud by a FCA dealership in Seattle. I took in our JLR for its 6 month oil and 5 tire rotation. I was very explicit when I booked the appointment. I was very explicit when I dropped off the jeep. I even confirmed when they called to say...
  17. Wrangler JL 3.6L Tuning Now Available from Superchips

    Okay potential dumb question. I've never had a jeep or these chip mods. Does it mean you can use the lockers on a rubi at will and not only in 4L but also 4H?
  18. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Jeep Accessories & Upgrades Deals Nov 23 / 26 - Post your finds here!

    Thanks. So I have to they protrude enough to step on? My wife is 5'7. She has to hop up and down from the jeep. Please, everyone hold their snarky comments, but as a daily driver it's concerning that she wears mid to high heals while doing it. While in the garage I heard this loud clop...
  19. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Jeep Accessories & Upgrades Deals Nov 23 / 26 - Post your finds here!

    How much of a step do they provide with rubi rails on? On ace website, it looks like the sliders are mostly covered and looks like two tubes. Can you post a pic looking down at your sliders?