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  1. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Parked next to this Hypergreen Rubicon today at Food Lion.
  2. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Wranglers are taking over at work now to convert the rest of them.
  3. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    This Freedom parked next to my Freedom at Food Lion. It’s the first Freedom I have seen in the wild other than mine.
  4. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Naked but not afraid.
  5. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    As long as you will work on it, just like any other vehicle.
  6. Soft top or hard top?

    I have 2 soft tops you can’t go wrong.
  7. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    You are in D1 when you get a build date
  8. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    No you are not in D1. Delivery time are now close to normal. I ordered mine in May but they did not start making Geckos until July so you won’t have to wait anywhere near the 105 days I did.
  9. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Could you get a different color than blue like purple?
  10. 33's on a Sport S

    Top picture is Rubis no lift bottom is with Rubi diesel springs and shocks.
  11. 33's on a Sport S

    I ran 33 Rubi take offs for a few months before I lifted it, no issues. I think you will rub with 35s but daily driving should be fine.
  12. Georgia Five 2021 Rubicon Wheels and M/T 285/70/17 Tires

    That’s a great price but it’s a 12 hour round trip for me.
  13. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    You missed a good first view of you Gecko. The dealership is on the crest of a hill. We were getting close and there are Tri-City dealerships on both sides of the road. But my Gecko was parked out front and was a beacon. We both said there it is at the same time. You could not miss it.
  14. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Mine was in that spot when I picked it up.
  15. Rich Jeepers

    I got my first job at 12. In a real store. Rode my bicycle 8 miles there and back. When I was 12 you could still do that. Spent 24 years in the Army. Mostly in the 82nd. Got divorced in the Army that cost me a whole bunch. Am working hard to have my toys and catch up on retirement. We don’t...
  16. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Got it from Amazon and sprayed it.
  17. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    A Gecko for the Gecko